And why wasn't I told ?

This is kind of a rhetorical question - I looked up the history and the answer seems to be "in the last 10 years" - but I just picked up a couple of TP-Link AV500 adapters and am very pleasantly surprised how well they seem to work.

There's only one spot in the house where my cellular modem gets a decent signal (the spare bedroom) so right now that is also the computer room.

I'm thinking about putting in a treadmill desk but first step would be finding a spot with enough space -- so now the spare PC is running up in the loft as a test, with one powerline network adapter connected to the PC and another connected to the cellular modem/router, and internet connectivity seems just fine.

Next step is figuring out a lateral sliding desk arrangement so I can run 2 computers (Windows & Linux) and have the one I'm using directly aligned with the treadmill. I could use a KVM switch and a single keyboard/display/mouse, I guess, but that seems too easy.

Anyways, these little powerline network adapters seem like a very useful advance.

Hmm, just found the first problem with my plan. I was running a Kaveri-based HTPC system up here (well, a quiet PC that was going to do HTPC stuff when I had time) but now I'm moving systems with more and bigger fans up I"m going to have some noise issues when I try to use the HT, unless I shut down the work PCs first (or upgrade to quieter cooling).

EDIT - hey, torrential downpour. Good thing I have the lid off the hot tub, should bring the water level up enough that I can fire up the wood stove (it's a Snorkel tub).

EDIT 2 - just plugged the powerline adapter up in the loft into the same long extension cord as the PC and it still seems to work OK (guess no surge suppressor or cap in the extension cord). Pretty impressive.

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