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#407317 - 09/18/14 10:34 PM M3 or M22 for small bar?
Newf Offline

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Trying to get some speakers for our small bar room. 12x19'x8'H, hardwood, lots of pine on walls. Mostly top 40 and rock music. Thinking of m3 or m22 since I need to mount them near ceiling. Will eventually get sub for room.

Which one is better I wonder. I could go 4 m3's and sub. Or 2 m22 and 2m3 plus eventual sub?

I am also concerned with mounting any Axioms any more given that I had a mount fail, center speaker fall, and ruined my front projection screen with a sweet tear years back. 1200.00 screen ruined by a 50 cent poor quality screw will leave a bad taste in your mouth. So is it safe to even hang a M3


Do the m22 have more bass?

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#407321 - 09/19/14 08:23 AM Re: M3 or M22 for small bar? [Re: Newf]
Murph Offline

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I don't own either but if you take a look at the frequency graphs between the M3 and the M22 then it is a Yes and No answer.

The M3 has a bump that carries well down after the apx. 150 Hz range but after 70Hz it starts a much deeper nose dive. What that should translate into is that the M3 will 'appear' to have more bass in in your types of music (pop & rock) because it's louder in the bass frequencies that are most common in popular music. The drop off for the M22 is not as severe but typically only dance music plays regularly down there and portions of classical pieces.

Once you get big drops in SPL, those frequencies begin to get hard to hear anyways if the rest of the music is drowning it out. Bass is funny so it's a bit different but essentially. the graphs start to lose some significance the further down the frequency chart you go because once you can't hear or feel something, the graph become irrelevant. However, they still do say something towards the design goals.

In short, this matches what I have heard here. That to make a general statement, the M3s are a good choice for pop/rock music if you are planning to hold off on the sub for a bit. This is due to the bump where we tend to notice it the most.

However, the M22 is no slouch either. If you are adding a sub anyways, you might benefit from the linearity of the M22 across the board. The sub will handle the deeper areas areas better than either speaker anyways.

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#407329 - 09/19/14 03:28 PM Re: M3 or M22 for small bar? [Re: Newf]
bridgman Offline

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If you have a sub and aren't planning on playing really loudly then M2s would also be really good.
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#407336 - 09/19/14 09:59 PM Re: M3 or M22 for small bar? [Re: Newf]
JohnK Offline
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Steve, the M22s actually have a small edge in bass extension over the M3s(the enclosure is tuned a few Hz lower), but the M3s give an impression of more bass because of a hump in response in the mid/upper bass, as Murph described. My preference is the more linear response of the M22s.

Since you're planning to mount them near the ceiling, if you get a good sub to go with them(rather than "eventually"), I'd second John B's suggestion and propose that you use four of the smaller M2s.

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#407337 - 09/19/14 10:57 PM Re: M3 or M22 for small bar? [Re: Newf]
chesseroo Offline

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Similar to above:
M2s or M22s with sub.
Otherwise, M3s.
Or if you like extra bass, M3s AND a sub!

Buy good mounts and good screws and if in doubt, put them into a stud and you won't have any issue. In the least use wall plugs if going into drywall.
Home Depot sells alot of good quality screws.
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#407340 - 09/19/14 11:54 PM Re: M3 or M22 for small bar? [Re: Newf]
brwsaw Offline

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#407609 - 10/09/14 07:48 PM Re: M3 or M22 for small bar? [Re: Newf]
Newf Offline

Registered: 04/14/05
Posts: 759
Loc: NL
hmmm, whats the chances of m2 or m3 hitting the b stock in a nice pine finish.
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#407613 - 10/10/14 01:00 PM Re: M3 or M22 for small bar? [Re: Newf]
exlabdriver Offline

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I snagged a nice pair of real wood Knotty Pine M3V3s from the B- Stock Store last year so they do show up occasionally.

I have 3 systems:

Audio only - M2s + 2X EP400 subs;

Audio only - M3s; and

HT - M22s + 2X EP800s.

I recommend:

* M2 or M22 + sub(s). M2s would be easiest to mount high.

** M3s by themselves. The M3s really don't need subs to sound full for most music in that type of setting. I've plugged their ports to tame the excessively reinforced bass in their corner setting...


#407864 - 10/28/14 05:11 PM Re: M3 or M22 for small bar? [Re: Newf]
mrspeeed Offline
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I have the M3 outdoor, M22 OW and M22 IW. For this particular application I would go with the M3 and pass on the sub.
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#407873 - 10/28/14 10:46 PM Re: M3 or M22 for small bar? [Re: Newf]
Lampshade Offline

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M3s are classic. Sound great. M22s sound great but look weird.
M3 and

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