I got the bug to relive my childhood so I just acquired some gear to get back into archery again - target only, no killing anything.

The equipment has come a long way since the 1950s when I had an old wooden longbow (from where I can't remember) & home made arrows with expended .303 cartridges as heads. All of the neighbourhood kids had their own bows & I have very fond memories of spending our days in the woods shooting at trees & various targets & hunting for lost arrows. Now kids sit in the house doing archery on a PlayStation!

So, my wife & daughter got me this model plus accessories for my upcoming birthday. At a 40 Lb draw weight (rather week compared to many bows), there are muscles in my upper body that I haven't used in a long, long time:


I've set up a small range (up to 30 yards) in my back yard; however, we have a really nice Fish & Game Club facility up in the mountains above our town that has quite extensive ranges for both archery & firearms that I may join...


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