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#417004 - 02/12/16 09:45 AM Paradigm PDR-10?
Stereoguy99 Offline

Registered: 09/23/05
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Loc: London,Ontario
Hi: Thinking of adding this sub to my system when I get my M80's shortly. Looking the specs of this subwoofer I'm thinking the 80's will not benefit at all as they go almost as deep as the Paradigm does?So am I better to spend more on a sub when I have the cash.....not looking for earth shattering bass either my room is 14.5 x 20 x in a townhouse so there is my ?. Thanks for the help!!!
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#417005 - 02/12/16 10:15 AM Re: Paradigm PDR-10? [Re: Stereoguy99]
BlueJays1 Offline

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Your system will still benefit as the PDR-10 will be able to provide higher output and lower distortion at those frequencies. Also take into consideration room gain that will extend the sub a bit.

Even though you are not looking for earth shattering bass with your budget I would still save a bit more and at the very least start with the Paradigm DSP-3100 ($800CAD) or the SVS PB-1000 ($700CAD)
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#417006 - 02/12/16 12:13 PM Re: Paradigm PDR-10? [Re: Stereoguy99]
Adrian Offline

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The DSP3100 is a good sub (neighbour has one) that won't take up much room if you decide to go that route. You'll probably be able to find one for CD $699ish easily with a search online.
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#417009 - 02/12/16 01:49 PM Re: Paradigm PDR-10? [Re: Stereoguy99]
brendo Offline

Registered: 10/14/14
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I myself had a PB1000 paired with my M80s for the last 6 months, was O.K. though not a big difference to the M80s alone.
Over the last few weeks I have added a EP500, mega difference. From more Bass to more detail in the Bass especially if you run the M80s as large.

The Anthem A.R.C. that comes with the addition of the Paradigm mike, looks pretty convenient for the setup.

Though beware a small sub may not hit frequencies the M80s already handle with ease, as they are rated to 30Hz already.

#417010 - 02/12/16 01:57 PM Re: Paradigm PDR-10? [Re: Stereoguy99]
Stereoguy99 Offline

Registered: 09/23/05
Posts: 139
Loc: London,Ontario
Thanks so far...I'm using a Yamaha RXA-1000 to drive my speakers...already asked Axiom about it's ability to drive the 80's on their own to reasonable levels say -18-20db for movies...& about -26 for music( I know that isn't accurate but close enough. I spoke with Alan & Axiom they said no problem so I think I'll 1st get my speakers 80v3...then go sub hunting when I either win the lotto649 smirk or save a bit more $$$$ thanks 4 your help so far!!!
M80V3,VP150ti,Mission Speakers,Paradigm DSP-3100 Sub Yamaha RXA-2050

#417026 - 02/13/16 03:35 PM Re: Paradigm PDR-10? [Re: Stereoguy99]
MatManhasgone Offline

Registered: 05/06/14
Posts: 1096
Loc: Lost in the great wide yonder
From the link that you gave, your budget I gather is about $500.

The Paradigm sub itself won't really produce a lower bass that the M80 speakers that you purchased. However what it can do depending on how your setup your Receiver is to help offload some of the lower frequencies from the speakers and push that load onto the sub. Will it sound better. I have my doubts.

However you do have a second option that will work probably far more better. Take that $500 and go to some place like and see what sort of external power amplifier that you can get in your area for about the same price. That way you are not counting on the rather under powered RXA-1000 amp to drive your 4ohm speakers that it can do at a push but not very loud and not to a large bass volume. The receiver that you have has the pre-out to run an external amp. I am a strong believer that and external amp for the from speakers will go a long way. The receiver if used in HT has plenty of power to drive the surrounds and probably even the centre once you offload the power hogs (L&R front). Then you can set them to Large and drive full frequency as you are no longer relying on the light weight power supply in the receiver.

If you can stretch your budget, look to spend about $600 for a 2 channel stereo amp. Check the specs. Find one that that says it's at least 4ohm if not 2ohm stable. Check the power ratings and make sure it's giving at least 75% power bump at 4ohms compared to its 8ohm spec. if you can't find a spec then pass on the amp as it's likely not worth your time or money.
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#417028 - 02/13/16 03:47 PM Re: Paradigm PDR-10? [Re: MatManhasgone]
SBrown Offline

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I was going to say you should add an amp, Outlaw has the 2200 monoblocks on for 679.00 for two. That gives you 200watts for each M80 which is plenty.


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