So, I've been using an Epik Legend sub until my replacement EP500 arrived, wondered if I even needed the Axiom. Unpacked the EP500 and noticed that the Legend had died. Stone cold dead. Slid the EP500 into place, set the x-over to 50Hz (i think, dark and upside down), powered it up ... NICE!

Using it in a 2 channel system. Waiting for a pick-up reel for a TEAC 4300 I just got back from Hans the reel to reel refurb and cuckoo clock repair guy, to try it out. I have high hopes. Sources are MMF 7.2 turntable, Oppo DVD/SACD/DVD Audio player, TEAC, Sony CX9ES CDP, and cable.

Stereo good.

Will report back.

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