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#424090 - 03/13/17 09:16 PM Upgrading M80 ti to V4?
theskins Offline
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About 2 yrs ago upgraded centre to VP 180 (vp150prev.) now thinking about M80 v4 ( have m80ti currently) ...
My home theatre/ music use has changed over the years from about 50/50 to about 90% HT and 10% music in this room....
Worth the upgrade? Opinions and thoughts?
Anyone else to this upgrade?
Thanks in advance
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#424091 - 03/13/17 10:10 PM Re: Upgrading M80 ti to V4? [Re: theskins]
Gr8_White_North Offline

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#424092 - 03/13/17 11:33 PM Re: Upgrading M80 ti to V4? [Re: theskins]
Mojo Online   content

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The center upgrade was definitely a good thing to do. I don't believe you'll hear a significant difference between the ti and the v4 for movies but I think you would for music. I expect the upper mid-range and treble to be far more refined, sound-stage to be more spacious and mid-bass more controlled. Now if you listen to mostly vinyl, I don't think it matters. :p

#424101 - 03/14/17 02:18 PM Re: Upgrading M80 ti to V4? [Re: theskins]
MatManhasgone Offline

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You will likely get far more bang for the buck doing wall treatments in the HT than changing the speakers.

As mojo has said, the refinements you'd get will be lost in most movies that really don't rely on subtle sound stage. save the money.
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#424103 - 03/14/17 02:34 PM Re: Upgrading M80 ti to V4? [Re: theskins]
Newf Offline

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I'm in same boat. I have 80ti's, basically brand new looking, no marks. I cant see myself parting with them for the sake of a slight upgrade. My room right now is my biggest issue. But that thought of having matching tweeters across the's in my head

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#424112 - 03/14/17 05:56 PM Re: Upgrading M80 ti to V4? [Re: theskins]
2x6spds Online   content

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What're the differences between the M80ti and V4? Is it just the crossover? Maybe Ian will provide an upgrade kit for ti, V1 and V2 owners.
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#424113 - 03/14/17 06:37 PM Re: Upgrading M80 ti to V4? [Re: theskins]
Mojo Online   content

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Ian has said in the past the differences are too extensive and cover both the transducers and the x-over.
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#424117 - 03/14/17 09:08 PM Re: Upgrading M80 ti to V4? [Re: theskins]
spiroh Offline

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9 months ago or so I traded in my m80ti for the m80 v4's. It wasn't a significant difference but there was a subtle and noticeable improvement. the v4's are a little smoother sounding without losing any of their detail. Sometimes I found the m80ti more sibilant on some tracks. My honest opinion is try them out and see if the difference matters to you. You can always return them and just pay the shipping costs.

#424608 - 03/29/17 04:29 PM Re: Upgrading M80 ti to V4? [Re: theskins]
michael_d Offline

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I have both. V4's have a smoother high end. Noticeably so. At times I prefer the Ti's. Mostly when I am listening to media that was mastered well, like DSOTM on SACD. I find myself missing the detail of the Ti's. But, every day TV or the bulk of crap media.....the V4's are more forgiving and enjoyable.

#424615 - 03/30/17 01:10 AM Re: Upgrading M80 ti to V4? [Re: theskins]
bridgman Offline

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I have M60 ti's and v4's (ti's in the HT system, v4's in the music system).

For music I find the v4s a noticeable improvement. For HT I wouldn't bother... it seems that relatively more movie audio is well balanced/mixed than music recordings these days, but whatever it is I like the sound of the ti's just fine the way they are.

Not sure how applicable my experience is to your M80 decision though.
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