lol, not what you think guys. smile Some time ago I mentioned my then high schooler was in a band. He plays the drums in marching band, jazz, etc. but got together with some other classmates and formed their own rock band. He is now in his first year at Iowa State University in Engineering.

Anyway, onto the good news. Their band called Longshot have been working on their first album for about a year now. They have 10 songs of their own material and started recording back in June. With any bands they had a setback as one of the members decided to leave for whatever reason. He wrote 3 of the songs and played guitar/sang.

The remaining 3 members decided to finish the album but didn't include those 3 songs. So in the end they finished with the remaining 7 songs and the album was released on "Friday the 13th, 2017."

For those interested or maybe into collecting downloads like I collect CDs their album info is below. Appreciate any support for this young group.

I would say the style of music is a positive message and genre would be Rock/Punk. The bands Green Day, Blink 182, and Reliant K come to mind when I listen to this album.

Bandname is Longshot
Album is Carefree World

Available on Itunes, Google, Amazon, etc. as well as many streaming music sites.

The site that distributed their music is called CDBaby.

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