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#429306 - 04/16/18 09:03 AM Curious case of burning woofers?
Snow Offline

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I got M80 v3, noticed the sound wasn't balanced, surely enough one of the woofer is burned. While I figure how to go about getting replacement, I decided to swap them from VP180. Surprised to find both in the VP180 are blown too.

I am driving them from a Marantz SR6006. Could that be the culprit or just bad batch as I bought them all together. I am particularly surprised about the VP180 as it has barely seen 50 hours of usage in last 5 years or so that I have had these. Further its center channel, so would it really get driven hard like i do my M80s when listening to music. Furthermore, the cutoff on the Marants is set to 80 hz as I sent everything else to my sub, meaning to say woofers are being used in a very narrow range.

I am obviously getting these fixed, question is how do I ensure this doesn't happen again. Could this been a bad batch of woofers, is there such a thing?

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#429308 - 04/16/18 10:36 AM Re: Curious case of burning woofers? [Re: Snow]
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The Axiom audio loudspeakers have the ability/capability to play at high volume without showing any signs of stress. It makes them an easy target for being overdriven. Even at moderate listening volume a demanding dynamic swing will easily send the amplifier into severe clipping which generates distortion that will damage the transducers (in your case woofers).

Your Marantz receiver as all audio/video receivers is way too optimistic when quoting its power. A good indicator of the real available power is to verify its maximum power consumption. In the case of your Marantz it is 650 watts. It is common knowledge that the efficiency of a non-digital amplifer is slightly over 50%.So the total power of the mplification generated is approximately 325 watts; divided by 7 channels you end up with less than 50 watts per channel.

To extract, explore and truly enjoy the performance of Axiom top model loudspeakers a dedicated standalone powerful amplifier is highly recommended (a must).

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#429309 - 04/16/18 12:44 PM Re: Curious case of burning woofers? [Re: Snow]
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Bare in mind that using a sub takes a huge load off the amplifier . No movie i ever watched drove all channels to full power at the same time ever. JC is correct that your amp is still going to be underpowered depending on room size and listening levels and whether it is capable of driving multiple 4 ohm loads. If you have pre outs get an outboard amp for the front 3 .

Not a real slouch , specs as measure sound and vision.

Only rate 6 or 8 ohm
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#429390 - 05/02/18 11:39 AM Re: Curious case of burning woofers? [Re: Snow]
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Have you ruled out that it isn't just the cross-over in the M80 that is fried? That would explain why you aren't getting sound (or distorted) sound out of either set of woofers.

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