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#417955 - 03/20/16 06:04 PM Media Streaming out to a AV receiver
MatManhasgone Offline

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Before someone gets in a twist about this being a Stereo forum, I am talking about 2 channel music. The "receiver" just happens to have a pretty good DAC built inside and can do 2 channel sound just as well.

I know that there was rumours that Axiom will release an AA stereo box that has no speakers and hooks up to your receiver.. but it's not here so there is no point in recommending it.

What I am looking for really is a good UI that can be run from a tablet that allows me to see my music catalog on my NAS and be able to queue it up to play. But I know that this will need some additional hardware in the middle to act as the media player that can then send the music either by HDMI or S/PDIF to the receiver to be decoded and played.

I currently have a Synology NAS with all my music on it. I have a couple of older HTPC Zotac Zbox intel Atom pc's that can run Windows or Linux or something. I do have a couple of Win7 (actual paid for licences).

I have run FooBar2000 on Win7 and for the most part it worked except every so often it would or windows would mess up and force a reboot and have some OK box that is needed to be clicked to get it working again. Rather a pain in the ! I don;t know if this will be a thing of the past if I moved over to Win10.

I have never tried JRiver and know it can get a bit more expensive as it looks like a yearly update with cost + buying another tablet user interface to get it working. Is it worth it? will it give me something more?

Are there other options that I have not thought of?
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#417968 - 03/21/16 09:06 AM Re: Media Streaming out to a AV receiver [Re: MatManhasgone]
michael_d Offline

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Been using the Squeezebox touch and duet prior to the touch... Love it. Not real sure how much longer Logitech will support it though. It is somewhat of a dinosaur product anymore. The review say's it can be buggy, but I have not had a single issue with mine.

#429263 - 04/08/18 09:39 AM Re: Media Streaming out to a AV receiver [Re: MatManhasgone]
mbritt Offline

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First of all I may be the longest running lurker on this forum. I’ve had Axiom speakers since 2001 and have been here to read articles many times but when I wanted to reply to this post I had to register. Weird that I’ve never contributed before so let’s fix that now.

In the past my music server was a first gen AppleTV modified with a 300 gig hard drive running to my Marantz 6006 via HDMI. I liked the on screen user interface and ease of use and it sounds pretty good letting the DAC in the receiver do the heavy lifting. I tried out Roon when it launched but I was looking for a direct replacement and didn’t like that there was no on screen interface option and my iPad was too old to run the Roon software.

Recently, I gave the new version of Roon a try running off of a 2009 MacBook Pro that isn’t being used anymore. During my Roon trial period I used a display port to HDMI adapter to the receiver with a new iPad Pro as the control. I immediately fell in love with the look and sound of Roon. The Roon radio that plays similar songs from your library is amazing and the liner notes really engage you while listening. It’s difficult to explain how awesome Roon is without showing it to someone.

Next I ordered a Schiit Etir USB to COAX converter and took the HDMI cable out of the equation and the sound really opened up. The stero imaging was so much better on my M22s that I kept getting up to see if the center channel engaged.

My 2¢ is to give Roon a try in your system.

#429467 - 05/23/18 08:13 PM Re: Media Streaming out to a AV receiver [Re: MatManhasgone]
TannaLDietrich Offline

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Good DAC is best for music streaming.I have found helpful tips here. itunes customer service

#429468 - 05/25/18 10:48 PM Re: Media Streaming out to a AV receiver [Re: MatManhasgone]
Cohesion Offline

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The AxiomAir without speakers already exists. It's the RP1. I have one!

Your requirements sound interesting! Have you called to ask the Axiom experts what they would recommend?

The bit that sounds trickiest to me is that you seem to want a DAC with digital outputs, which would make it more of a digital media player I guess.


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