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#50091 - 06/20/04 09:59 PM worried about wiring!
proggy_99 Offline

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Okay, we move into our new house wednesday. I paid to have 2 rear speakers pre-wired in the great room and also for two exterior (backyard) speakers with a volume control at the back door to be wired to the same spot. I did this before really researching, assuming the installer would help me from choosing incorrectly. I was more concerned about using all the right networking wire. Well, I was just looking at the wiring today and I checked my billing and sure enough he wired (and I paid for) all 4 speakers to be wired with 16 AWG wires..... Well now I have read that 16 gauge is only for 10 feet or less, 14 gauge is for 10-20 feet, and 12 gauge is for longer lengths. The great room is 21 feet wide as it is, not including the fact that the wiring did not go in a straight line through the room. So that means the distance is probably close to 30 feet using 16 gauge. These are for QS8's and whatever I grab for outdoor bad is it? Are we talking replacing the wiring completely or would I be able to use the 16 without regret?

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#50092 - 06/20/04 10:11 PM Re: worried about wiring!
Hawkson101 Offline

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if you need to re-wire(i suggest you do) attach string or the 12 gauge wire(either or) to the 16 gauge you already have installed. Pull the 16 gauge through the walls along with the 12 gauge/string. If you attach string, do the same trick and attach the 12 gauge later. Just be sure you don't lose the 16 gauge in the middle of the wall and you have no wires at all.
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#50093 - 06/20/04 11:47 PM Re: worried about wiring!
Ajax Offline

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Since the QS8s are reputed to be an easy 6 ohms, if your distance estimate is correct, and if this chart is correct, I don't think you'll have to worry. However, unless it's a great hardship, if it were me, I'd replace the 16 gauge with 12 gauge just to be sure

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#50094 - 06/21/04 12:08 AM Re: worried about wiring!
JohnK Offline
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Prog, what you read before has concerned you unnecessarily, since it represents significant overkill. The chart Jack linked is more realistic. You'll have no problem at all and there's no good reason to even think of changing.

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#50095 - 06/21/04 12:14 AM Re: worried about wiring!
Haoleb Offline

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I really wouldnt worry about it to be honest. Who really knows how the guy installed it but if it were me i would have used large staples to secure the wire to the studs so pulling it out of the wall wouldnt be an option unless you really wanted to damage something.
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#50096 - 06/21/04 09:01 AM Re: worried about wiring!
proggy_99 Offline

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that all makes me feel a bit better! The two in-wall speakers should not be too difficult to pull new wire to as the basement is open under the whole great room. The exterior speakers however pose more of a problem, and they are pushing closer to 40-50 feet. The pre-wiring guy is coming back in a couple days with our whole house vac accessories and I will ask him about it then.

#50097 - 06/21/04 06:23 PM Re: worried about wiring!
rcvecc Offline

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you should have specified what ga. you wanted from the get go,also,the installer should have asked if he was really interested in doing a good job,or maybe he isnt even aware of the differances..either way,the wire used probabbly had to be a u.l. listed in wall rated wire to pass inspection,and most contractors wouldnt stock anything larger,just the minnimum to get the job done...bottom will still have sound...ron


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