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#820 - 01/10/02 06:46 PM How are the M3Ti's for heavy music?

i tend to listen to a lot of heavy music (black sabbath, doomy bassy music), but i'm in an apartment and these speaker are for my second bedroom/computer room so i will not be playing music at a high volume. do the still sound good. i know a sub would help, but i have that on my home theater, and like i said these will not be played loud. thanks

#821 - 01/11/02 12:31 AM Re: How are the M3Ti's for heavy music?
Ian Offline

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I think you will find the M3s are going to work really well for this application and in this environment. For a bookshelf speaker the bass is rather surprising and I doubt you will need a sub. The dynamics are there for your music preferences. All round either the M3s or the M22s are the best choices for your new set up.

Ian Colquhoun
President & Chief Engineer
Ian Colquhoun
President & Chief Engineer

#822 - 03/13/03 11:55 AM Re: How are the M22Ti's for heavy music?
ericburnley Offline
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I was wondering this as well, in regards to the M22s.

I've seen many reviews for the M22s' great performance in the jazz, classical, and moderate rock/pop/country genres, and while most of my listening falls into those areas, I do still like to listen to some heavier, thicker sounds (death metal, hardcore, etc), and was just looking for more testimonials from others who have used the M22s (or other Axioms) for these applications.


#823 - 03/13/03 04:53 PM Re: How are the M22Ti's for heavy music?
JohnK Offline
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Eric, the M22 is a more accurate speaker and obviously a more accurate speaker is better for all types of music(or for explosions and gunshots, for that matter). Just as obviously, if the performance and/or recording are poor, that will also be revealed; garbage in, garbage out.

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.

#824 - 03/13/03 11:29 PM Re: How are the M3Ti's for heavy music?
aquashankar Offline
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You'll find the M3s very good for heavy metal. I listen to practically everything right from Western and Indian Classical to jazz, disco, pop, rock and metal (Judas Priest being one of my favourites). The M3s play them all well. Classical is played with total ease. I thought the instruments in heavy metal sounded a tiny bit congested but that was before the break-in period. Its great now.

#825 - 03/14/03 07:15 AM Re: How are the M3Ti's for heavy music?
fmowry Offline

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I should be getting my M22s tomorrow. I'll be running them with an HK 525 and I listen to everything from classic rock (Crosby, Stills, Nash) to metal (Metallica - especially older albums). I'm going to really test them with Metallica's "Blackened" off of "And Justice For All". It has one of the quickest upper bass segments going to the chorus and should really allow the M22s to shine.


#826 - 03/14/03 01:36 PM Re: How are the M3Ti's for heavy music?
ravi_singh Offline

Registered: 03/14/02
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I listen to some heavy music, like Metallica, NIN, Manson, etc.. They sound great for that. I also listen to some electronica, like Autechre and Aphex Twin. They're equally great.

I have both the M22's and M3's, and I prefer the M22's a bit for their increased accuracy and soundstage.

#827 - 03/18/03 08:32 AM Re: How are the M3Ti's for heavy music?
fmowry Offline

Registered: 03/14/03
Posts: 109
Loc: Baltimore, MD
Just got my M22s and enjoyed Metallica "And Justice For All" along with the remastered Styx "Best of". Very clear and I've gotta say I love them. I'll get more listening time tonite with some other CDs.


#828 - 03/19/03 10:09 PM Re: How are the M3Ti's for heavy music?
duff Offline
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It's funny I realized when reading this thread that I was the anonymous poster asking the original question. Well I have actually owned the m22's for over a year now and they are undoubtably an incredible pair of speakers. Everything I wanted. The bass response is just right. I now using a $2000 turntable set up , a $600 phono preamp, and a $1500 integrated amp, and it's all producing amazing music through my $400 speakers!


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