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#9805 - 04/04/03 10:39 PM Amplification / HT receivers
real80sman Offline

Registered: 05/16/02
Posts: 1150
Loc: Ontario, Canada
My current setup consists of a Luxman integrated amp (70wx2), Axiom M80's, and an Axiom (AX500?) Sub. The Lux amp is musical, clean and very dynamic. It seems to have quite a bit of headroom, as it plays cleaner and louder than it's 70 watts suggest (even before I got the super-efficient M80's). And that's where my dillema begins. I would like to get an HT receiver, but I'm afraid that without spending a fortune, I'll lose the musicality and power of the Lux. I've tried a Denon 1602 (similar power rating) and frankly it was a huge disappointment. For movies, it was amazing, but for music it sounded dead and lifeless. As I "opened it up", it started to distort very early, and ran out of breath. With the Lux, high volume levels seem effortless, right up to the point when the 80's drop below 4ohms and the safety shuts it down.

Ideally, I would love to get a surround pre-amp and straight power blocks, but I fear this is out of my current reach. Any suggestions??


Epic 80/600 + M3's + Custom Finish Algonquin V3's

#9806 - 04/04/03 10:45 PM Re: Amplification / HT receivers
Semi_On Offline

Registered: 09/18/02
Posts: 737
Loc: Scottsdale, Arizona
Define your current reach.

#9807 - 04/04/03 10:47 PM Re: Amplification / HT receivers
real80sman Offline

Registered: 05/16/02
Posts: 1150
Loc: Ontario, Canada
$1000 Canadian - Sorry, please don't laugh.

Edited by real80sman (04/04/03 10:48 PM)

Epic 80/600 + M3's + Custom Finish Algonquin V3's

#9808 - 04/05/03 01:22 AM Re: Amplification / HT receivers
2x6spds Offline

Registered: 03/16/02
Posts: 2729
Loc: CA, USA
Don't laugh, Panasonic SA HE200, extremely powerful, extremely musical home theater receiver, about $500 US. (tends to run a bit warm)

Personally, I've given up on Harman Kardon, had problems with my last 2, AVR65 and an AVR520 - I've given up on HK, you're results may differ.

I've had good results with an Onkyo 797, the 600 and 700 may be in your price range. I think the Onkyo receivers I've heard sound very good both for music and HT.

Sony. Don't laugh. I have an STRDB1070 which I love. Don't know what the current corresponding unit is, but this thing is musical (not quite as good as the Onkyo, for music, but very good) and it has SLAM.

Bang for the buck? Panasonic would be my No. 1 pick. Sony No. 2, Onkyo 3. If you raise your budget, things would change pretty quickly.

Good luck. I think a Panasonic - M80 system would be pretty awesome.

One last thing, double check that the receiver you're considering can push a 4 ohm load without shutting down or worse.
Enjoy the Music. Trust your ears. Laugh at Folks Who Claim to Know it All.

#9809 - 04/07/03 10:15 AM Re: Amplification / HT receivers
OGS20 Offline
old hand

Registered: 08/23/02
Posts: 65
Loc: TO
I've seen some factory refurbished NADs (in this case T761 I believe) on ebay that went for about CAD 650 with 1 year factory warranty. It was from an actual electronics store -- Red Ball/Bull/something, although I'm not sure if they are an authorized NAD retailer (for warranty purposes).

BUT, if you are interested in NADs you shuold be able to score some nice deals with now as they have a new series of new HT receivers replacing the old 751/761 line. May not have all the toys taht comes with a Denon but stereo music should be quite a bit better

#9810 - 04/09/03 02:44 AM Re: Amplification / HT receivers
nitram Offline

Registered: 04/09/03
Posts: 57
Loc: Santa Rosa, California
I'll second recommending the Panasonic HE200. (200-K=black, 200-S=silver) In terms of features for the price, it's probably tops. I'm using mine just as a CD/radio stereo receiver (!) but I'm a features snob, and just love playing with digital effects and stuff that the HE200 has.

I bought mine from B&D Electronics Online for $345+$38 shipping to California (all USD); no sales tax. It even came with a Rush Hour 2 DVD and a Panasonic center surround speaker. Great deal.

#9811 - 04/09/03 07:03 AM Re: Amplification / HT receivers
fmowry Offline

Registered: 03/14/03
Posts: 109
Loc: Baltimore, MD
I've had no problem with my refurb H/K 525 from Onecall. Same warranty as new.


#9812 - 04/11/03 12:29 AM Re: Amplification / HT receivers
PhilK Offline

Registered: 12/07/02
Posts: 43
Loc: Northern Virginia
I just purchased a HK AVR-525. If music is the focus, then this is one to consider. I also have a Yamaha RX-V630 which is great with HT and real good with music. To my ears though, the HK gives a smoother more balanced presentation. At least with the jazz and classical music to which I listen. I also really liked the Marantz 8200, but didn't want to spend over $1k. Happy hunting.

Phil K

#9813 - 04/11/03 09:46 AM Re: Amplification / HT receivers
real80sman Offline

Registered: 05/16/02
Posts: 1150
Loc: Ontario, Canada
Thanks guys. Definitely, music is my main focus. The HK and the NAD certainly peak my interest, and I am leaning that way. If the Panasonic had a 6 channel pre-out, it would go to the top of the list (because of price). That way I could still use my Luxman to drive the 80's, and the onboard amps for centre & surround. Although, I could be misguided in thinking that the amp portion of the Panasonic just won't cut it.

Epic 80/600 + M3's + Custom Finish Algonquin V3's

#9814 - 04/11/03 10:20 AM Re: Amplification / HT receivers
DaveMoses Offline

Registered: 05/16/02
Posts: 9
Loc: Round Rock, Texas
My Panasonic HE200 has no problem driving my M80s, VP150 and QS8s in 5.1 surround. The receiver it replaced, a Technics SA-DX950 didn't have any problem driving the M80s either.

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