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What video games are you playing tonight? #218454 08/20/2008 3:27 AM
by terzaghi
Well I played bionic commando (xbox live arcade) some more... It is a really fun, challenging game.

Its kind of odd how you jump around levels in an apparently random order...

I just beat world 6 and received the super claw... World 6 had an easy boss but the level itself was pretty tricky! (Lots of jumps and swings over water with the bionic arm)

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Re: What video games are you playing tonight? #439903 Nov 28th a 09:39 PM
by CV
Originally Posted by TrevorM
Finally got 4K signal to pass but no hdr support. Have to do some digging and go back. Pain!

I haven't had a problem getting HDR, but I won't get 120 Hz until I upgrade my receiver. I'll keep putting that off until more HDMI issues are sorted. Then it will just be my TV holding me back if I want to use Variable Refresh Rate. My next display upgrade is years off, I imagine, but I'm hoping to one day have an 8K laser projector and acoustically transparent screen so I can finally have the screen size I want as well as be able to have an LFR Active center behind it. Not that I'm currently missing my center channel. It's just one of those why-wouldn't-I-do-that upgrades.
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Re: What video games are you playing tonight? #439675 Nov 14th a 05:55 AM
by Kodiak
Legend of Zelda. Best game ever.

I bought a gameboy advance like 15 years ago just so I could replay legend of Zelda on it.

Truly a classic.

Yeah, blowing on the cartridge to keep it from frame freezing. It was part of the experience.
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Re: What video games are you playing tonight? #439957 Dec 3rd a 06:01 PM
by rrlev
The article still applies even though it was written mid '17 (the only difference being that larger screens are more available and affordable now). You're right on all the above and I think that the article is attempting to keep things simple. Sound wise your also right in the zone.

The 1.1x-1.3x is perfect for movies at 4k and covers the the non-4k upscale problems. Personally I'd be willing to sit at 6' from a 77" screen (0.93x) if 4k content was more available and my wife would let me. As far as eye strain I'd have to try it. Anyway, I had a hard enough time convincing my wife on getting a screen bigger then a 55". To her the 77" is huge. To me it's ok, an 85" would have been better and if I weren't afraid of people touching the screen a 100" UST would have been the best I could have placed there. I'll do better in the HT if I ever get to it.

The original point was that 8K in a theater is probably a waste of bandwidth. I believe everything you stated agrees with that point. Also I agree with CV's point ... when going VR, 8K will probably be a winner as you want to cover your peripheral vision to be fully immersed. I think VR screens would need to be specialized for that purpose ... i.e. extremely curved and that they will mostly be worn.
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Re: What video games are you playing tonight? #439962 Dec 4th a 05:29 PM
by rrlev
Originally Posted by TrevorM
I would have to install a puke pail at each end of the couch for viewers. laugh
What do the guys sitting in the middle of the couch do?? Unless you need that distance ... talk about artifacts smile
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