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Dual EP800 vs SVS Ultra 16 #422461 01/15/2017 5:39 PM
by icehawk21
I'm putting together a second home theater build and as a current Axiom owner (VP180v3, M60v2, QS8v2, M2v3, EP500v2), I'm going with Axiom speakers again (M100v4, VP180v4/VP160v3, On Wall M5s and/or M3 for surrounds and Atmos). But I'm undecided on the subwoofers. I'm planning to purchase 2 subs and I'm considering 2 EP800 (vertical) or 2 SVS Ultra-16. I have considered others, such as Seaton & PSA, but I live in Canada and I don't really want to deal with the CAD/USD exchange, shipping and warranty issues. SVS has a Canadian dealer that also offers free shipping so they are on par with Axiom, from that perspective.

Both subs would be placed on the front wall next to the front projection screen. I haven't yet determined if I will place them inside of or outside of the M100 mains. I'm thinking of placing them inside the M100 mains to avoid corner loading them. Also, I only have 30" from the wall on each side of the screen, and I think I'll likely mount the screen about 32-35 inches above the floor. So the height of the EP800 might be a problem.

The room is in the basement (concrete slab under plush carpet). It is an open basement and not a dedicated room, L-shaped. The main theater area will be about 14x14x9, with another 12x12x9 area behind (with some workout equipment) and open to another 13x16x9 room. So quite a bit of volume.

This will be used almost exclusively for movie and TV watching, with a little bit of music. Likely won't be played at extreme volumes, but will be played louder than upstairs. Maybe -10 to -5 from reference - occasionally at reference if it's just me smile I'm looking for good low end performance for movies at these listening levels. Only one row of seats (5 seats total, with 3 in prime watching spots).

The SVS Ultra-16 can be had for $3,500 CAD per unit (plus free shipping). That's listed price. Not sure if I can get a discount for multiples.

EP800 can be had for cheaper - I will be purchasing from Factory Outlet unless there are some B-Stock available (which there is one currently).

I don't have much experience listening to other subs other than my EP500. I listened to Jakewash's Ultra-13 about 10 years ago when I first got my EP500, but I can't recall much from that listening session.

Any thoughts or preferences? I would likely be happy with both. At the moment, I'm leaning towards the SVS simply because it isn't as tall as the EP800 and might be easier to place along the front wall without interfering with the screen. But it is more money as well.

Anyways - I'm just looking for any opinions to validate my own decision smile


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Re: Dual EP800 vs SVS Ultra 16 #422528 Jan 17th a 03:24 PM
by Newf
Originally Posted By cb919
Get both and write a review comparison! grin
I want to hear some real world opinions on that new 16 incher from SVS!


Yeah I 2nd that! because all keep seeing is the hype train over and over. The SVS certainly looks impressive, but as an owner of a SB2000 and PB2000 from them I personally feel SVS is overrated.
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