I've received three of the four Bali cellular shades I've ordered. Maybe counterintuitive, but I went with light filtering (non-blackout) black shades for the stairwell windows, and a white blackout shade for the window behind the TV. They're all inside-mount, so there will still be light around the edges unless I further dress the windows.

I'm tempted to do another Bali shade for the front of the equipment closet, simply because it would be a lot cheaper than a glass door, and maybe blocking the view of the equipment wouldn't be such a bad thing. Of course, this would require an IR extender solution of some kind, which I haven't researched at all. At least, it will require it if I want to control anything other than my PS3 or PC. As long as no one wants me to change the volume during movie nights, then I really don't need to invest in the IR extender stuff right away. In any case, that's just if I decide to go with another shade. I haven't seen it before, but it doesn't seem like it would be unsightly. What do you think? Weird idea?

I'm not sure when the kitchen counter will be installed. I have to have more work done prior to the installation. I had mentioned to the woman at Home Depot when we first went in and ordered the countertop that I still needed the support built for the end where the dishwasher would go, but then I forgot to make a point of ensuring it would be included in the estimate. Sure enough, it wasn't, so now we need to have their cabinet guy come out and measure and give us a bid for doing that part of it, as well as cutting down and attaching the end panel pieces. Then the countertop guys can come do the templating for their portion of the work. Fingers crossed it will happen sooner rather than later.

I'll post new pics after I have the window shades installed, since you've never seen any before in your life.