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#111914 - 10/02/05 11:32 PM M60 is a major improvement on M22?
Zer0beaT Offline

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Christmas is coming and I was thinking of getting a pair of M60ti's and putting the M22's I currently have up front in the surround postion. Right now my setup is a VP100 center, M22's as mains, and my old (real old!) Dynaco A20 (A25? forget the name of them) in L/R surround (just a temporary solution for 5.1 until I decide where I'm going with the Axioms). Receiver is a Yamaha RXV757 no external amp, room is pretty small at 14'w x 15'depth, ceiling about 8'. Would M60's be overkill in this situation. Are they as easily driven as the M22's on low gain levels for cd/dvda music etc and home theater? BTW, I'm very happy with the M22's, but if the M60's are like the M22's yet even fuller sounding,well that's kinda why I'm considering them. I love the M22, but if the M60's are like the M22's Dad I would not hesitate. Just wondering if anyone who has gone from M22>M60 as their mains could say about the difference. Worth it? And how do they (the M60) mix with a VP100. Would I be wanting a center channel upgrade aswell if I get the M60's? Or would the VP100 mix well and keep up on low-medium volumes for movies?

Stereo and Multi-channel music takes importance over home theater movies for me BTW. For music, I LOVE the M22's, yet...somehow I just want a bit more fullness,richness and oomph if you know what I mean (and I really just mean a bit). Would the M60's be what I'm looking for? (the M80's are out of the question budget wise)

#111915 - 10/02/05 11:52 PM Re: M60 is a major improvement on M22?
Ken.C Offline
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I'd probably go with QS4s or 8s over upgrading the M22s, given the choice. The Qs are really nice...

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#111916 - 10/03/05 12:06 AM Re: M60 is a major improvement on M22?
richeydog Offline

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If your more into movies than music the qs8's are the way to go from the info i've read on this forum.

Since you state that stereo and multichannel music is your thing than i would vote to put the m22's in your surround setup and purchase some m60's as your mains. From my experience they really do offer a much fuller sound and can crank out the bass without the need (my opinion) for a sub.

My 2 cents.

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#111917 - 10/03/05 12:20 AM Re: M60 is a major improvement on M22?
bridgman Offline

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I went from M2s to M60s and at higher volumes there was a significant difference in "openness", whatever that is. They sounded like big speakers where the M2s sounded like small speakers. Again this was only at higher volumes where the M2s started to hit their SPL limits and started compressing the dynamics. I imagine the M22s would be somewhere in between, ie if you are playing at moderate volumes you probably wouldn't notice much difference (other than the bass) but if you like to (and are able to) turn up the volume some more the M60s really make a difference.

DISCLAIMER -- I have not had a chance to hear M22s so this is just extrapolating from M2s and a vivid imagination
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#111918 - 10/03/05 06:16 AM Re: M60 is a major improvement on M22?
Ajax Offline

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I went from M22s to M60s and was glad I did. In my room (11.5' x 18' x 8'), it made a slight, but very satisfying, improvement in fullness. I cannot say, for a certainty, that it would do the same for you, but I'd be surprised if it didn't.

If multichannel music is indeed important to you, adding the M60s, and moving the 22s to surround duty is an excellent idea. I think the improvement over your Dynaco's would be startling.

If you ever find yourself getting deeper into HT, you could go to 7.1 by adding a pair of QS speakers for surrounds, and shifting your 22s to rear surround duty for HT, while still using them as surrounds in 5.1 multichannel music.

I don't think the 60s would be overkill, and the 60s will blend with your VP100 just fine.


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#111919 - 10/03/05 12:32 PM Re: M60 is a major improvement on M22?
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#111920 - 10/03/05 06:10 PM Re: M60 is a major improvement on M22?
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#111921 - 10/03/05 08:32 PM Re: M60 is a major improvement on M22?
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#111922 - 10/04/05 10:21 AM Re: M60 is a major improvement on M22?
littleb Offline

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Fine, that's all I need to hear!!! The M60s make my M22s sound like do-do. Man, am I ever having a lousy week.!!!

#111923 - 10/04/05 10:37 AM Re: M60 is a major improvement on M22?
DJ_Stunna Offline

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Like bridgman, I also went from M2i to M60Ti. I can only assume that this is similar to the jump that you get from M22Ti to M60Ti.

Although the M2s had a lot of the good characteristics of the M60s, I just felt that the M60s were significantly better. With the M60s, I didn't need a sub-woofer for 2 channel listening. This made it sound a bit more uniform to me, as I always had some slight dip (about 5 dB C) at the crossover point. The M60s also can take a lot of power. They really handle almost anything you are willing to give them without breaking a sweat. I wouldn't be able to say the same thing for the M2s.

After hearing my M60s, I would definitely NOT want to go back to a sub-woofer / satellite system, even if the satellites are as good as the M22s.

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