I haven't looked in a few months but I'd recommend an Nvid pci express vid card over any ATI card. Mainly due to their history of Driver issues...but that may of changed. I don't recommend worrying about SLI I don't even think WOW supports it. And all the reviews/tests I've seen show negligible return.

I have to join in with many who say go with AMD for gaming and bang for the buck. If your gonna do any kind of video work then a P4 is worth the extra bucks. If your going to go Intel get the one with the largest cache you can afford.

Memory... regaurdless of what brand you get you can have issues do a google for Memtest. In budget machines I use Geil.

Case go name brand I use Lian Li and put a good quality power supply in it.

Since your building a WOW machine don't over look the internet connection. Many times online lag is blamed on everything else Many onboard Nic's are just terrible as are modems supplied by isp's. Oh and get a good router SMC comes to mind.

Been building PC's for years.

PS Hehe I'd look at the samsungs with 8mb cache fast quite and cheap.

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