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#117238 - 12/23/05 01:49 PM Re: Should I buy the 500 or 600?
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>>I was concerned enough about this problem that I asked Ian and Tom to run sweeps on a 500 and 600 combined in the anechoic chamber 2 weeks ago. Those 2 subs are close enough in design that phase was not a problem and as I had hoped their combined response was additive with no cancellations.

Cool !!
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#117239 - 12/27/05 08:30 AM Re: Should I buy the 500 or 600?
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One guy over on AVS said he heard both the 500 and the 600, said the the 500 is 90-95% "the bass" of the 600...That is coiming from a guy, that has been through 10+ subs..That's what iced the deal for me. Last night I cal'd the speakers at 80 dB, the Ep500 at 85 dB. The sub gain is at like 25% of 100% scale, like 5- o'clock position. When I moved into the 7Pm range, that side of the house was going into resonance!! I have 12 ft celings, 3,000 cu ft room, with complete openings bioth sides, leading into another 3-,4000 cu ft areas. One EP500 engulfs all of that with bass! Dual set-up would be quite scary!


#117240 - 12/27/05 09:35 AM Re: Should I buy the 500 or 600?
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Ok....I think I'll pop in with a, question here.

I used to have an Austin Healey with a 0-60 time of about 13 sec. I could run around through all the twisty bits with the 35MPH speed limits and still have a wonderfull time zappin' thru the gears and hangin' the tail out and barely breaking the speeed limit!

A good friend with his bright yellow De Tomasso Pantera had a different experience: He was over the speed limit in first gear and couldn't break the tail loose on the corners unless someones life and bank account was in serious geopardy.

Who was having the most fun??

Same with subs?

I mean: When I listen to, say, WOTW at levels where my sub(which starts to drop off a bit at 33hz)is havin' fun rockin the house and shakin' the chairs thru the vast majority of the recorded material(but is clearly agonizing a bit down around 20)I can still go outside and hear that I'm not(yet)disturbing the neighbors, with solid stuff down to only 25 to 30.

Now...IF I were to buy a 500(No, dear Wife; I only said "If")If I were to buy a 500, would I find that in order to enjoy the sub immensely at 30 to 35 hz, would I have to turn the over-all gain down, in order to keep the stuff down at 20 and below, from disturbing the peace!?

See what I mean? Would the stuff at 20 to 25 and below, be so loud with a 500 that I'd Have to turn the sub gain down enough that the sound at 30 to 35 would also be attenuated and take all the fun out of having the sub in the first place??!!

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#117241 - 12/27/05 10:21 AM Re: Should I buy the 500 or 600?
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In reply to:

Would the stuff at 20 to 25 and below, be so loud with a 500 that I'd Have to turn the sub gain down enough that the sound at 30 to 35 would also be attenuated and take all the fun out of having the sub in the first place??!!

I'm hardly knowledgeable enough about this subject to be taken seriously but, it seems to me, that what you are concerned about would occur ONLY if there was a rise in the subs response at the lower frequencies (i.e, the 20 to 30 Hz material was louder than the the +30 Hz stuff. If you have a relatively flat response throughout the subs frequency range, achieved by placement, and/or room treatment, and/or equalization, the low stuff wouldn't be any louder than the higher stuff.

However, IF you found that low stuff to be "too much" for your comfort, and felt you had to lower the volume, then you might pay a price in overall subwoofer "oomph." So far, with my 500 (only one place for it, no room treatment, and unequalized), I haven't found that to be a problem.

I'm in a townhouse, that has one wall common with my neighbors (no children). I'm certain they can hear (feel) my 500 but, so far, have said nothing. I doubt the sub would be bothersome to them when listening to music, which I play at relatively low volumes. Movies, particularly action movies, are another kettle of fish. I try to follow basic rules of courtesy. I never watch movies past 11PM, and I only watch one or two a week, and not all of them are action flicks.

On the other hand, before the 500, I had a sub that started to roll off around 30 Hz. and it did a good job of rockin' my world. I don't think anyone who doesn't have a sub that reaches below 20Hz, should feel deprived. At the same time, there is something worthwhile added with a sub that does get down that low.

My satisfaction, and delight, with the 500 has more to do with the "smoothness" of it's performance than with it's low frequency response, though I'm certainly enjoying that as well. I haven't done any sweeps or measurements yet (waiting for the R-DES equalization system from Onix), but this doggone thing just seems to integrate with the rest of my system perfectly. "Smooth" is the word that keeps popping into my head. I'll be very interested to see just what my current frequency response is.

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#117242 - 12/27/05 11:27 AM Re: Should I buy the 500 or 600?
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Rich, I think once you get down to about 25Hz and lower, you feel the bass more than you can hear it. Most of the loud stuff happens in the 30 to 40Hz range. At 25Hz and lower you get into the business of mimicking a small earthquake in your living room.
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#117243 - 12/27/05 11:38 AM Re: Should I buy the 500 or 600?
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Can't comment on the subs, but I'm familiar with the Healey. My father has had a '63 3000 MkII for about 20 years, and I drive that beast every chance I get. I drove an '01 911 the other day, and while the Porsche is an extraordinary automobile (and the list of felonies I'd consider committing in an effort to own one is a lengthy one), that hairy old Healey is far more entertaining.
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