Thanks, again, Tom. As it turns out, and at the risk of now hi-jacking the topic, I’m having a devil of a time getting this video part worked out. Worked out on paper anyway, I haven’t yet started messing with the hardware. Here’s the dilemma, I am being told that a simple VGA to component adapter will not get the quality of video that I need to the 42” screen. However, when I look at new video cards, they have only S-Video, VGA or DVI output. Neither the S nor the VGA will support the level of resolution I need and the DVI apparently is not formatted such that I can just slap a DVI to Component cable on it and be done.

As near as I can tell, what that leaves me with is either just getting out the screwdrivers, rolling up my sleeves and using trial and error with a combination of video cards, gadgets and cables, or buying a new Denon AVR 4806 with built-in DVI/HDMI video switching capabilities. The latter my be a tough sell with the missus, since I’m already nickel and dime-ing this project to death trying to keep it under the budget radar.

This is the fun part though, eh? As always, any advice would be appreciated.