Peter-I think i am gonna move the sub, to the back right corner of the room, which'll put it on another circuit. I noticed yesterday when I was packing up the X-mas stuff there are some pretty glaring "bass vacuum" regions in my room. Once I get the tree out today, I'll put the sub back. Plus, right now I've got a plant sitting on top of the 350, and while it's pretty entertaining to see the branches shake everytime I listen to a Black Eyed Peas CD it does get distracting after a while.

richeydog- you gotta love Pitfall! That game was lot easier if you went backwards though. (right to left). Made landing on the alligators a lot less risky!

ken-man my editorial skills must suck! I didn't notice it had six switches. Come to think about it, I never realized there ever was a six switch model! (not counting the "easy/difficult" switches on the back)

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