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#149103 - 10/12/06 12:22 PM Entertainment unit depth?
icehawk21 Offline

Registered: 04/23/06
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Fellow Axiom Owners!

This is my first post. It has to be brief because I'm submitting on company time I just recently purchased the Outlaw 990/7125 combo and Axiom Epic 60/500 theather system along with an entertainment unit. Everything came this week and last night was the first opportunity I had to set everything up.

When measuring the entertainment unit prior to purchase I was sure it would be deep enough to accommodate the 990 receiver. In fact, I was right! Unfortunately it is not deep enough to accommodate the 990 AND the cables connected to the back (Blue Jeans audio interconnect cables specifically). I now have to purchase a new unit or modify the one I have.

The question I pose is: What depth are your entertainment units? How have you guys accommodated the size of the 990 and interconnect cables in "standard" entertainment units?

Any advice would be appreciated. You can probably appreciate the frustration at 9pm last night when I finally heaved the 990/7125 into the entertainment unit and it did not fit - not to mention telling my wife I screwed up!

Thanks in advance!


#149104 - 10/12/06 02:03 PM Re: Entertainment unit depth? [Re: icehawk21]
michael_d Offline

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Howdy and welcome aboard…..

I can emphasize with your frustration. I have two systems. One has a couple mega changers that are about 22” deep and the other system has an HK 7300 that is about as deep. I’ve gone through some coin trying to find suitable, but yet aesthetically pleasing racks to accommodate my gear.

Most manufactured racks are 22” deep, or thereabouts and about 24” wide. I have absolutely no idea how those dimensions came about, but that’s pretty close to the norm. I know because I carried a tape measure around to about a dozen furniture outlets one day looking for a rack.

So to answer your question, I look for racks and cabinets that are 24” deep - or build them myself. Not only is the depth important, but watch out for racks that have the rear support legs somewhere towards the middle of the rack. This only compounds the problems of gear that is deep. Look for racks that have support legs on the corners. Also look for racks with a multitude of shelf height adjustment options. Most are fixed or only allow you to move shelves in two inch increments or greater. You want on that allows one inch adjustments.

Good luck hunting.

#149105 - 10/12/06 03:30 PM Re: Entertainment unit depth? [Re: icehawk21]
St_PatGuy Offline

Registered: 03/07/05
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Icehawk, I feel your frustration--been through the same thing. Similar to mdrew, I have an HK 7200 which is a behemoth. It wasn't until I got it into the entertainment center that I realized I wasn't going to be able to plug anything in. Luckily, the entertainment center had one of those flimsy backings to it and I was able to cut a portion out with a small saw. It wasn't pretty, but I knew the receiver was going to cover the hole. I was able to move the receiver far enough back that I could close the glass door. Unfortunately, if I needed to unplug something it became a major hassle.

I went the extreme route and did a small remodel. I bought a separate TV stand and an audio rack that was open on all sides. I like this set up a lot better because I can make changes with little fuss, and I have plenty of ventilation.

Other than that, you may think about a different lay out for all your gear. I even entertained the idea of putting the receiver on top of the entertainment center. It wasn't going to look pretty, but it would have been functional.

You may have to get a little creative. Good luck.
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#149106 - 10/12/06 04:17 PM Re: Entertainment unit depth? [Re: St_PatGuy]
Kruncher Offline

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Loc: Maple Ridge, BC
Me too... been there, done that. With my last EC, I had to cut holes in the back for the 27" CRT, and the receiver. Because of the weight of the receiver (about 40 lbs) I was only comfortable putting it on the bottom shelf, but because of its width, to get the thing in there you had to take out the shelf above, carefully navigate over the door hinge (yes, it was that tight), and carefully slide the beast down to the bottom. Some fun. And connecting stuff to the back? What a pain. Short of further butchering to the back panel, you had about a 5 inch high, 10 inch wide opening to work with to make receiver connections.

Currently I'm using towers similar to these, from the same local company. I bought mine about four years ago, so the exact models aren't on the site anymore. They're about 20" deep (24" would have been ideal), and 24" wide. The opening on the back is large and spans the top shelf and a portion of the next one down. You can position the remaining shelf in such a way that you can run cables down the back between the shelf and the back panel. I don't know where you are, but if you're really unhappy with what you've got, consider purchasing from them. No, I don't work there or know anyone who does.

Mine cost me about $250 CDN each (x 2). Well made, flat pack, build it yourself. Glass doors, heavy MDF. Considering other furniture choices, they were cheap, easy to assemble, and they do what I want and need. What more could you ask? OK, maybe three or four more inches deeper. LOL.

#149107 - 10/13/06 02:10 AM Re: Entertainment unit depth? [Re: icehawk21]
Nachosgrande Offline

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Gotta ask my wife....
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