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#149610 - 10/18/06 08:49 PM Re: EP600 vertical or horizontal config questions.. [Re: phoenixrae]
St_PatGuy Offline

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Phoenixrae, I can tell you really want the M80s. Save yourself a lot of heartache and second-guessing--get the M80s. Buy as much as you can comfortably afford the first time around, even if it means getting less overall components. You'll be happier in the long run. It's taken some of us quite a while to build an HT set-up, but it's well worth it in the end if you are happy with everything.
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#149611 - 10/19/06 10:25 AM Re: EP600 vertical or horizontal config questions. [Re: St_PatGuy]
Hutzal Offline

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If you are not the kind of guy to care about a slight blemish on the finish of your speakers.

I would HIGHLY suggest checking out the Factory Outlet speakers, they are all 10% off from their regular price and have nothing wrong with them other than the fact that they are not "perfect" on the exterior, so they are reserved for the factory outlet.

Here is the link to the outlet.

I added up the M80 EP600 5.1 system with the following:

2 x M80
1 x VP150
1 x EP600
2 x QS8s

The total came to 3428.55 USD with the 5% off for ordering a total of 5 items as well.

In the end you get a total of 15% off of regular price. I would say that the M80 EP600 is within your reach if you are not at all anal about slight and MINOR defects. Many people on this board have ordered from the factory outlet and still can't find what was wrong with the speaker.

Keep in mind that there is absolutly nothing wrong with the speaker itself, it is all due to exterior defects.


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#149612 - 10/19/06 11:51 AM Re: EP600 vertical or horizontal config questions.. [Re: phoenixrae]
Nachosgrande Offline

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My questions on the EP600 is that if I order it in "vertical" config, can I still use it horizontally? I know nothing will stop me from laying it down horizontally, but if I decided to placed it in the reverse orientation from what I order will it cause problem for me?

Check out this link - Axiom founder has one set up horizontally (as well as another 600 vertically!) Good enough for me...
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#149613 - 10/19/06 01:55 PM Re: EP600 vertical or horizontal config questions.. [Re: Nachosgrande]
RickF Offline

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I notice on Amie & Ian's speakers they do not have the Axiom logo on either 600, I'm curious to know if the logo was maybe attached to the grill on some of the earlier 600s?

Beautiful speakers and environment BTW!

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#149614 - 10/19/06 02:30 PM Re: EP600 vertical or horizontal config questions. [Re: Hutzal]
phoenixrae Offline

Registered: 09/18/06
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Thanks Hutzal for the inputs and I will take your recommendation, since I can get the best HT package from Axiom with my limited budget. Although I am a novice about sound, I know one thing when it come to speakers and that is you listen to them and not look at them.

Thanks again everyone and I'll start my ordering process soon and can't wait for arrival.

#149615 - 10/19/06 02:46 PM Re: EP600 vertical or horizontal config questions.. [Re: phoenixrae]
jakeman Offline

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Hi Phoenixrae

I'm glad you found the information in those threads helpful. Actually the idea of four EP subs was not to have "louder" bass but smoother linear bass across all the seats in my home theatre and it certainly achieved that objective. Whether I have one or four subs the volume is set at the same 75db. Most rooms benefit from multiple subs in reducing room nodes and better FR.

All four subs combined were calibrated at the same 75db as each of my other speakers. Because of bass reinforcement that meant I could calibrate each sub to around 65db for an effortless sound. I am now down to two vertical ep600s and an SMS-1, with each sub calibrated at 70db. 2 subs closely collocated produces an additional 6db in output, while 3 subs creates 9db and 4 subs 12db depending on placement. Besides better in-room frequency linearity, compression artifacts are virtually eliminated and distortion is kept at an absolute minimum with multiple subs. Adding another sub is one of the best ways to improve the quality of bass reproduction and sound quality in an HT.

#149616 - 10/19/06 02:56 PM Re: EP600 vertical or horizontal config questions. [Re: phoenixrae]
Hutzal Offline

Registered: 07/26/06
Posts: 2102
Loc: Hollywood. (Canadian @ <3)

Glad to know that you are getting the best Axiom has to offer, from what I have heard, you will not regret it at all!

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#149617 - 10/19/06 04:29 PM Re: EP600 vertical or horizontal config questions. [Re: phoenixrae]
michael_d Offline

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Iíve wrote this probable a dozen times or so, so here goes again. The 500 is a great sub but the 600 is noticeably better. I upgraded from the 500 to the 600.

The 600 does have a drawback over the 500 though. Ė itís harder to place if you donít have a lot of options. Itís either too damn tall or itís too damn wide if lying on its side. Iím seriously considering peddling the 600 and buying two 500ís because I just donít have room for it. If I go with two 500ís, I could put them under the screen and hopefully sound as well as the single 600.

You might want to lay out your room and make sure you have the space for the 600. And also keep in mind that the sub needs to sit where it will work best. This isnít always where you would like to put it. My 600 is now mid wall, (lengthwise) of my HT room and I absolutely hate having it there from a room aesthetic perspective.

#149618 - 10/19/06 05:00 PM Re: EP600 vertical or horizontal config questions.. [Re: RickF]
Amie Offline


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Okay, you made me look! Actually, we get stuff before things like logo placement are decided, so you're absolutely right - we only have the logo on one sub (and it's on the grille). All Axiom speaker prototypes are made in Light Maple so Ian can bring them home and I won't complain about the color if they sit here too long
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#149619 - 10/19/06 05:10 PM Re: EP600 vertical or horizontal config questions. [Re: Amie]
tomtuttle Offline

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Ian is even more brilliant than I thought.
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