I have been looking at the B&K PT5 Pre Amp/Tuner. Does anyone here have any experience with this piece? I want to upgrade from my stereo reciever, to an Integrated Amp; but then I saw the PT5, which has a sub output, which is rare for a 2 channel component. Although, I would have to purchase a power amp, how much better would the use of a single interconnect be,for my sub, Vs. running all those wires from the amp to sub to spkr? That's a lot of wire.
If the difference in sound quality is minimal, I would go with my first choice, the NAD C320BEE. The PT5, along with their ST55.2 amp would run me about 1000.00 ? The NAD is 400.00.
I thought the sub output was a nice touch (simplicity), any thoughts, recomendations.