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#163114 - 03/26/07 10:35 PM M3's arrived today!!
VikingShips Offline
old hand

Registered: 01/14/06
Posts: 71
Loc: southern CA
WOW!! I spend a minimum of time unboxing my new M3 beauties, then I've been changing CDs for the last two hours listening to them.... Anyone relate?....

I was TOTALLY UNPREPARED for the absolute and total clarity of sound that these speakers produce! I thought I understood what you guys were talking about when you discussed sound stage, and clarity. In knew that was what I wanted, but I am totally at a loss for words to describe my amazement at listening to them for the first time!! One thing I needed was a speaker that could produce clear, balanced sound at lower listening levels, and, I have been totally unprepared for what I got! UNBELIEVEABLE!!

I started out with a Philips CD of trumpet and pipe organ music, because I knew that this would be something that has not been satisfactory in my old speakers (if I can really call them that!? ). It was like being transported into the cathedral and placed in the best listening position. HOLY SMOKES! Ever think that you were hearing something clearly, then noticing that you had cotton in your ears? (On top of that, I still can't figure out how the "other" speakers got that long, padded tunnel attached to their speakers to muffle the sound so badly. I really don't want to be fair, those speakers cost only a fraction of the Axioms.)

I then proceeded to reluctantly remove that CD (after listening to 90% of it) and trying out other orchestral music, and gradually moving on to country and other popular music. Each CD was an amazing experience! I thought (again) that I understood what sound stage was, but was totally unprepared for what came at me! I used to play with the dolby prologic II music settings before, but now I have to say that the stereo, or pure direct, is the most amazing and pleasing setting for music of any kind. I totally understand the remarks from others saying that they will be spending a lot more time re-discovering their CDs and listening to music in general.

Even in this short couple of hours I've been glued to my couch listening, I've been able to distinguish the difference between a well recorded CD and one not so well done. This was of the same piece of music, but with different artists, same label. Looking at the back of the case, I noticed that one was recorded ADD, and the other DDD. Never thought I'd be able to distinguish between them! Although that was probably not the only difference in quality work.

THANK-YOU Ian and the team at Axiom Audio for the wonderfully amazing product you make!

I know that there are a lot of superlatives in this post, but I still don't think that they suffice! Am I right, or what?

If there are any doubters out there, go for the 30 day tryout. I'll be totally flabergasted if anyone actually sends anything back.

By the way, I'm listening to the Under the Desert Sky album by Andrea Bocelli, and it's like sitting in the front row! Awesome!!


Edited by VikingShips (03/26/07 10:40 PM)
Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion: you must set yourself on fire!

#163115 - 03/26/07 10:41 PM Re: M3's arrived today!! [Re: VikingShips]
JohnK Offline
shareholder in the making

Registered: 05/11/02
Posts: 10526
Great to hear about how your Axioms are giving you a new appreciation of your classical CDs, Martin; reminds me of my experience when I first got my M22s. Enjoy.

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.

#163116 - 03/26/07 10:57 PM Re: M3's arrived today!! [Re: JohnK]
Screefer Offline

Registered: 11/02/06
Posts: 51
Congratulations Martin,
Add you to the growing list of Axiom lovers. Ive had my M22s and EP350 for about 6 months and I am amazed every time I listen to them. I wish I had owned them years ago, all the other speakers I have owned and tired of over the years were a waste of money.You have succeeded in convincing me that I should buy the new M3 Algonquins for my RV.

#163117 - 03/26/07 10:58 PM Re: M3's arrived today!! [Re: VikingShips]
2x6spds Offline

Registered: 03/16/02
Posts: 2820
Loc: CA, USA
Hi Viking Ships

I can relate! The M3s are my personal favorites among all Axiom speakers. Have you had the pleasure of listening to female vocals with your new music generators?

What's the rest of your system?

I see you're in Southern California - I'm in Irvine ... where are you?

G'luck with your new speakers.
Enjoy the Music. Trust your ears. Laugh at Folks Who Claim to Know it All.

#163118 - 03/26/07 11:33 PM Re: M3's arrived today!! [Re: 2x6spds]
VikingShips Offline
old hand

Registered: 01/14/06
Posts: 71
Loc: southern CA
I'm even further south in Sunny San Diego. I've been a Marantz fan ever since college days when I had a 1060 amp along with the 1105B tuner. Now it's an SR4500 av receiver, the OPPO DV-981HD, and a Westinghouse 720 lcd. So far it's just the M3's and the VP100 center, and an AV123 X-sub to round it out. I won't even mention the surrounds....

#163119 - 03/26/07 11:42 PM Re: M3's arrived today!! [Re: VikingShips]
St_PatGuy Offline

Registered: 03/07/05
Posts: 7463
Loc: Glendale, Arizona
Great to hear you like the new speakers! It's kinda special when you notice an immediate improvement. As my sister would say, "Cool beans!"
"Nothin' up my sleeve. . ." --Bullwinkle J. Moose

#163120 - 03/26/07 11:52 PM Re: M3's arrived today!! [Re: VikingShips]
bugbitten Offline

Registered: 04/06/05
Posts: 2339
Loc: Madisonville, KY

I know why you love them. I have a pair and soon will have 2 pair.

#163121 - 03/26/07 11:52 PM Re: M3's arrived today!! [Re: VikingShips]
2x6spds Offline

Registered: 03/16/02
Posts: 2820
Loc: CA, USA
Beautiful San Diego!

I think Marantz makes great audio equipment. The 1060 is one of those amps which just got it all right. I'm sure you wish you still had one!

Movies are great, but the M3s and a good sub make incredible 2+ channel music systems.

I've used M3s with a 5 watt per channel SET tube amp, a Panasonic 5 channel (only used 2 channels), a Kenwood KA9100 2 channel amp ... the M3s sound great with all of them. I think they liked the tube amp the best of them all though.
Enjoy the Music. Trust your ears. Laugh at Folks Who Claim to Know it All.

#163122 - 03/27/07 09:41 AM Re: M3's arrived today!! [Re: 2x6spds]
Hutzal Offline

Registered: 07/26/06
Posts: 2102
Loc: Hollywood. (Canadian @ <3)

When I first heard my Axioms, it was exactly the same way. I was saying to my wife "whoa, you hear that?....what the...where did that sound come from, I didn't even know it was there, did you hear that"...with her constant rolling of the eyes
Producer | Composer

#163123 - 03/27/07 02:15 PM Re: M3's arrived today!! [Re: VikingShips]
Spoiler Offline

Registered: 01/03/06
Posts: 682
Loc: South Florida
Ahh... sends me back to the day my Axioms arrived... I had the same reaction! One the few purchases in life where I can safely say my money was VERY well spent. Good stuff...
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