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#173458 - 07/29/07 09:43 PM 1440 cu sq ft - M22's or M50/60/80?
upwardspiral Offline

Registered: 07/29/07
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Greetings everyone. I have decided to try out axiom speakers for the first time (and this is my first complete HT purchase).

The room it will be going in is rather small: 12*12*10 (l*w*h).

Would you advise going with the M22's for such a small space? Would the M80's be to much (and I know some will say that is impossible)?

Any advice is greatly appreciated. If I get the M22's I will be using the Axiom stands that go with them if that makes a difference.

Thanks ahead of time.

#173459 - 07/29/07 10:04 PM Re: 1440 cu sq ft - M22's or M50/60/80? [Re: upwardspiral]
JohnK Offline
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Up, welcome. We'll go with cu rather than sq and say that in a room that size the M22s would be excellent. With proper speaker positioning you won't be more than about 7' away and the M22 drivers will "blend" well at that distance. It's also likely that they'll have the ability to play as loud as necessary to fill the room. You don't mention if you're considering a sub, and if you're not, a tower speaker would have more bass extension than the M22s, which have usable output down to about 40Hz with room reinforcement.

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#173460 - 07/30/07 06:49 AM Re: 1440 cu sq ft - M22's or M50/60/80? [Re: JohnK]
upwardspiral Offline

Registered: 07/29/07
Posts: 3
Thanks for the input. Yes, I plan on having a sub, center (vp100/150) and the qs8's - 5.1 total.

#173461 - 07/30/07 12:43 PM Re: 1440 cu sq ft - M22's or M50/60/80? [Re: upwardspiral]
Joey Offline
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Registered: 06/08/07
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Loc: Rossford, OH
I have a slightly larger room...200 cu ft more.
What are you willing to spend? Which sub are you looking at?
Go with the VP150. If you're going with the QS8's then don't cut yourself short by going with the M22's. the M80's are 4Ohm and probably overkill for your area. The M60's will give you what you probably want. That's what I use and I have no regrets. The last thing you want to do is under-size and then have regrets. But too big is no good either because you cannot utilize what they have to offer.

VP150, QS8, M60, EP500???
You will love it!
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#173462 - 07/30/07 12:57 PM Re: 1440 cu sq ft - M22's or M50/60/80? [Re: Joey]
Murph Offline

Registered: 10/05/06
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Hi and Welcome,
My HT Room is the same but different at 14' x 13' x8' = 1456 cubic feet. I have never had M22s but if folks here say they will do a nice job, then I have no doubts that they will.

I just wanted to pass on my experience with M60s. They sound incredible in my similarly sized room, specced very close to M80 but without the 4 Ohm complications. I also am extremely happy with the QS8s, VP150, and EP500 in this room. Some would say the ep500 may be slight overkill for this room but man is it fun.

Also, not only are the M60s great in this size room but my music room (living room) also has M60s and it is much, much bigger. A few feet longer and wider, opens up into the kitchen and has a 20+ cathedral Ceiling. The M60s fill this room effortlessly as well. I added this just to let you know they can work in your room plus if you ever move to a bigger space, you have no fear of having to reevaluate your purchase.

In any case, it all comes down to budget, esthetics and needs. You are actually in a great position because no matter what you choose from your list, you can't really go wrong.
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#173463 - 07/30/07 01:06 PM Re: 1440 cu sq ft - M22's or M50/60/80? [Re: upwardspiral]
Nachosgrande Offline

Registered: 09/26/06
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Loc: New York
I have the M22 in a 2625 cubic ft room, and they play plenty loud. I also have an EP500 to fill in with bass.

Are you planning more for movies than music? Some people prefer music with M60 and no sub. For HT in your space the M22 with a capable sub (EP350 or 400) should be fine.
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#173464 - 07/31/07 07:10 AM Re: 1440 cu sq ft - M22's or M50/60/80? [Re: Nachosgrande]
upwardspiral Offline

Registered: 07/29/07
Posts: 3
It will probably be 60% TV, 20% Movies & 20% Music.

After speaking with Axiom on the phone last night they said go with the M22's if I had a sub - looks like that is what to buy.

Thanks for your help.

#173465 - 07/31/07 02:31 PM Re: 1440 cu sq ft - M22's or M50/60/80? [Re: upwardspiral]
ctown Offline

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Congrats on the M22's. I have mine in a 10x15x8 ft room right now that joins to the dining area and they sound great with my STF-3 sub and QS8's. Really fill out the room well and when I finally get my VP150 it will be complete.

The M60's are probably better, but the M22's will be enough for sure.

#173466 - 07/31/07 02:33 PM Re: 1440 cu sq ft - M22's or M50/60/80? [Re: ctown]
Hutzal Offline

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Ya, the M22 EP500 combo is something of a of the best combo's that Axiom sells IMHO.
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#173467 - 07/31/07 07:36 PM Re: 1440 cu sq ft - M22's or M50/60/80? [Re: upwardspiral]
Seattlelite Offline
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I like the fact that Axiom does not try to convince you that you need to get their more expensive products when the M22s are great enough for your room.

I have 16'x13'x9' (1872 cu) and let me tell you the EP500 is LOUD in my room. You could save some $$ if you go with EP400 or even EP350 and I bet they would still rock. But then again, you might want to avoid the "what if" thinking and just go with EP500 right away.

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