I just thought I would give my thoughts on the velodyne sms-1 bass managment. The overview of my system is an outlaw 990/7500/lfm-1+/m-80/vp-150/qs-8s. The system sounded great with the m-80s crossover at 80hz, but the bottom sounded a little too boomy. I started to tweak the bottom end and found the room acoustics were'nt involved in the original setup. I built some acoustic panels behind the 80s and the sub which killed the viberations on the wall behind the 80's and the sub. Sounds good; then the sms-1 came into being. I started tweaking the sms and flatten the bass response right out. Oh what a big suprise with room treatments and a flat bass. These two tweaks to the system made all the difference from day to night. In final thoughts, there is more to just great speakers and equipment. Getting them to work properly with each other is another thing. I've got it all blended and working the way "I" think it should. I,m waiting to upgrade to the M-100's.