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#183890 - 11/15/07 08:15 PM Re: So who did ya see in concert last night? [Re: Mojo]
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Sure do

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#183997 - 11/16/07 01:07 PM Re: So who did ya see in concert last night? [Re: Wid]
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Back (way on back) in the day I saw America, ZZ Top, Allman Brothers and the Doobie Brothers in one weekend at two different cities ... I don't remember a lot , but I do remember being very impressed with America. Don't know how they would be today, very good I'm willing to bet.

This past Tuesday the little missus and myself saw Bonnie Raitt perform an outstanding show up the road in Melbourne, Fl. She just turned 58, was something like only her third or fourth show this year and she was 'in the mood'. It was really cool whenever the audience sang Happy Birthday to her towards the end of the show, she seemed to really appreciate that.
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#184249 - 11/16/07 05:45 PM Re: So who did ya see in concert last night? [Re: dkfan]
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My wife and I went to an America concert about three years ago. We both enjoy their older material. The concert was o.k. The sound was way too loud for their style of music. The sound mix improved about half way through the show. The harmonies were great however when Gerry Beckley was singing solo, he sounded like daffy duck! The opening act, which I really went to hear basically blew America off the stage. YMMV.

#184608 - 11/19/07 04:05 PM Re: So who did ya see in concert last night? [Re: Wid]
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Thanks, I am trying to make it for both the concerts, lets see how it goes....

#184755 - 11/20/07 03:07 PM Re: So who did ya see in concert last night? [Re: dkfan]
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Last night it was Bon Jovi, live at the JLC here in London, great show, that old guy can still rock!!!

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#185596 - 11/26/07 10:54 AM Re: So who did ya see in concert last night? [Re: Worfzara]
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I saw The Autralian Pink Floyd Show in Houston last Tuesday and in San Antonio on Saturday. If your a Floyd fan this is a must see. Played Dark Side of the Moon from begiining to end to open the show. Then played various songs from Wish You Were Here, The Wall, Animals, Meddle, etc. Great show, they sound so close to Floyd you will be amazed. The acoustics in Houston were much better than San Antonio though.

#186383 - 12/01/07 05:25 PM Re: So who did ya see in concert last night? [Re: LJ01]
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Saw Iron & Wine at the Paramount in Oakland last night, and I'm still in awe of how good it was. Probably the most gorgeous set of music I've ever heard live. Gorgeous songs, gorgeous arrangements (especially of the earlier more acoustic stuff), and a mesmerizing vocal performance. The intimacy and care put into the music was breathtaking.

So, if you couldn't tell, I'd highly recommend anyone with a passing interest in their music to see 'em live - you won't be disappointed!

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#186402 - 12/01/07 08:02 PM Re: So who did ya see in concert last night? [Re: AdamP88]
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Adam, I am sooooooo jealous! Sounds like a great show.
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#186678 - 12/04/07 09:38 PM Re: So who did ya see in concert last night? [Re: St_PatGuy]
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Last night I was seeing Tegan and Sara w/ Northern State at The Showbox in Seattle. It was a lot of fun. Northern State were touring with Tegan and Sara the last time I saw them, too. They're very fun to see live, and my brother-in-law, who wanted to hate three white girl rappers, was actually nodding along with their music and applauding after each song. He was completely bored during Tegan and Sara, though.

Tegan and Sara did get off to a rocky start. They weren't really hitting their mark, but after a few they started to get better. Sara was sick, but she said she felt better while performing. My sister liked Northern State's performance more, too, and I can understand why. Their music is generally catchier, and in most cases, Tegan and Sara's music is something I'd rather listen to at home, when I'm in the right mood for it. Plus, they were guilty of having it blasted way too loud. I think their live show would benefit from backing off of the volume. I really should have remembered earplugs.

I'm glad they talked more than the time I saw them in Portland. The Portland audience was too unruly, and Tegan and Sara gave up trying to tell their stories. I remember Sara saying in an interview on that they love playing Seattle, maybe the most, and they certainly seemed to be in a better mood than when they were in Portland. Some bands shouldn't try to talk between songs, but I really enjoy the stories they tell. \:\)

Northern State's banter was pretty funny, too. I get their newsletter, and they've mentioned on numerous occasions about being huge fans of Grey's Anatomy. You can imagine their excitement both times they got to announce a song of theirs being featured on the show. I don't think I'd be a fan of the show (only saw part of one episode), but it's fun to see others take that much pleasure in something.

It was enjoyable. I think I'm good now, having seen them both twice. I mainly went to this concert to get my sister to go, since she also likes both bands, and she doesn't end up going to concerts unless I make her. Anyway, fun stuff!

The only thing is that I should have bought more of the Tegan and Sara scarves. I bought one for my sister and one for Cari, but I could have made some money by selling extras on eBay.

#187015 - 12/07/07 01:22 PM Re: So who did ya see in concert last night? [Re: AdamP88]
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Wow, Adam, that must have been a great show. Iron & Wine are definitely on my list of must-sees! Colour me green with envy!
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