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#197462 - 02/21/08 10:10 PM Re: Emotiva Amplifier [Re: pmbuko]
SirQuack Offline
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Even though I returned my amp, I will say that Emotiva's customer service was the exactly opposite as described by alakazoo. Emotiva is based out of TN, and Rob, Lonnie, and Dan (the owner) are the ones that answer the phones. They are not some huge company with a call center.

I must have called dozens of times over the months I owned the MPS-1, and for the most part always got one of them. Lonnie, for example, spent many hours total talking to me and I learned many things from his expertise.

The few times I left a message, I always got a call back within a few hours or so. Even Dan's wife, answered from time to time. Yes, emails have always been a lot slower response, and that is not new news. If you follow any of the threads on AVS or AV123, the norm is that your best bet is to call them.

Heck, look at Odyssey Audio, pretty much just run by one guy, Klaus. People that appreciate that some companies don't try to be some huge global presence, should see that as a good thing and have a little patience.

In the end, I was able to send my amp back for a full refund 3 months later, no questions asked. I was nice to them and they returned the favor.
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#197470 - 02/21/08 10:30 PM Re: Emotiva Amplifier [Re: SirQuack]
alakazoo Offline

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I'm aware that my situation was the opposite than most of what I had read on various forums but I was nothing but nice to them until they started to take advantage of the situation because I was being overly patient. I didn't want to start a survey on Emotiva, I just thought it was important to speak out about my worse buying experience in years.

#197497 - 02/22/08 08:39 AM Re: Emotiva Amplifier [Re: alakazoo]
skyhawk669 Offline

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Well I've heard enough about them to stay clear of their products... Anyway now that Axiom's amp is out it would be at the top of my list if/when I ever decide to go with a dedicated amp.

#197571 - 02/22/08 04:57 PM Re: Emotiva Amplifier [Re: skyhawk669]
PeterChenoweth Offline

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I agree with sirquack.

I had their LMC-1 prepro and ended up returning it because it didn't meet my needs. During the course of that process, I spoke to Lonnie and a couple of other people several times and they were extremely helpful and pleasant. They were fantastic to deal with. I received an email from Emotiva with the UPS tracking number for the refund check about an hour after I received the email from UPS stating that my LMC-1 had been received by Emotiva. The check arrived 2 days later, a day ahead of schedule.

I am truly sorry to see that one person had a bad experience with them, but I'm pretty sure that the bad experience is just a fluke.

Same deal with Axiom, really. Just as we've had people on these boards complain that Axiom customer service is bad. The rest of us know that they too, are fantastic.
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#197818 - 02/24/08 05:08 PM Re: Emotiva Amplifier [Re: PeterChenoweth]
Kinge Offline

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I love my emo stuff and they have always answered my questions more promptly than expected. ie.-Lonnie is at ces, will get back next week, but then emailed me later that day.

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#198270 - 02/27/08 03:53 PM Re: Emotiva Amplifier [Re: Kinge]
cgolf Offline

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Gotta jump in here. I've had the Emotiva LMC-1 & LPA-1 combo for about 6 months. The sound quality has been fantastic and the build quality is exceptional, especially when you look at their prices. Sure there are more expensive amps and processers but for what I need and want, these work great. I'll be looking at the new LMC-2 processer and XPA-5 amp when they come out in a few months.

I did have a glitch with the amp and had to send it back for repair. My only complaint, and I let them know how upset I was, was having to pay for shipping to the factory. They paid return but I had to pay for the first leg. The amp was less than 60 days old when it went out so I was upset and let them know. Lonnie and I discussed, didn't agree, but hung up agreeing not to agree. I'm fine with what I have and look forward to my next purchase. Emotiva products are not for everyone, that's why there is competition and multiple products on the market!!

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