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#238173 - 01/05/09 03:51 AM Re: Why Axiom??? [Re: CV]
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 Originally Posted By: CV
Will someone please hijack this before it gets out of hand? \:\)


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#238177 - 01/05/09 07:37 AM Re: Why Axiom??? [Re: grunt]
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LOL...gotta love MP references...

Bob, I believe that listening to some other speakers in showrooms can be helpful ONLY in determining the "type" of sound you others have said.

But no speaker will sound the same in a showroom as it will in your OWN room. That variable...the room... will ALWAYS exist unless you try the speakers in your very own room. That's why Axiom offers the "30 days, no questions asked" policy that they do.

So determine the TYPE of sound you prefer, and if it's "detailed"...if you want to hear the fingers on the strings... just try some Axioms already!

If you don't like them, return shipping is not that bad in that they have a return shipping point here in the U.S. (Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it's in Buffalo ... or at least I think it was four years ago when I ordered!).

In that four years since I've purchased and have been on these forums, I think I can count the number of people like yourself that came in here, asked questions, ordered and ended up returning the speakers on one hand.
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#238194 - 01/05/09 10:53 AM Re: Why Axiom??? [Re: BoB/335]
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On auditioning, I would suggest you get to some higher end places – J&R and 6th Ave are discount bins. Find an audiophile store with a full range of a company and be sure to bring your own music. My philosophy is to listen to speakers far outside my price range and see which of those speakers in my range reminds me most of those no-compromise models I loved in the freaking expensive class. I often find that high end companies have good trickle down on design and components, where others that take up much space at BB and CC seem to max out the engineering budget at the low end.

With high end companies (including companies like Axiom that focus on passionate buyers), you might not get the Kevlar woofer and diamond tweeter but you get the same box design, similar crossovers, and comparable drivers of less exotic origin. For me, I liked Wilson WATTs, Martin Logans and the highest end PSBs (Gold Si at the time, I think??). Watt does not go down, and Martins change character as you move down the line (plus they are hard to drive). After working down the PSB line I found a price point with familiar sound that I liked. For the sub, did it again, but this time came to B&W's. For surrounds, took a chance after checking pro reviews, forums, and general characteristics. Then, got lucky and liked the Axiom's. I only have the QS8, so my shipping risk was low in buying without hearing. But I am very satisfied with the purchase. I have run them hard over the last weeks and never heard an unintended peep.

If I was searching for new towers, I would still start the search the same way, even though Axiom seems like a safe bet [Note to Axioum: I would love a little shape to the speakers! Love the B&W 700 and 800 range, just by way of example, and the new PSB Synchrony range is a serious effort.]. Perhaps I would try to find a local Axiom customer and audition their setup (check around!). But I have to admit, not having a local source is a liability – hence the discount price of Axioms. So, do as you have been told – find the characteristics you like, if they fit the Axiom wave of support figure out if the shipping cost is worth the risk. But as mentioned, auditioning in your home is worth 10 auditions at a shop. No shop will sound like your room, and the speakers can’t change the environment they are in. In that way Axiom has an advantage as what you hear is literally what you get.

Good luck. And if it helps, I love my PSB 5Ts, but with my amp you do get some sharpness in the high end when pushed to near 100 db. Not a real problem, just a characteristic on weaker quality sources (mainly) that I would do without if I had a choice right now.
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#238196 - 01/05/09 11:16 AM Re: Why Axiom??? [Re: Zimm]
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Can't go wrong with PSB's, a great loudspeaker!!
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#238207 - 01/05/09 12:09 PM Re: Why Axiom??? [Re: lhulls]
michael_d Offline

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Interesting question Bob. I had to do some reminiscing to recall why I bought Axiom about five years ago, and why I still BS on this forum.

I had planned to install a whole home audio system in the house I built. I pre-wired it was wandering around custom shops listening to ceiling speakers and multi room electronics, and came to the conclusion that they all sounded like crap. That led me to abandon that idea and I started to listen to full range speakers. I listened to dozens from Polk to Wilson at shops and in homes of friends and friends of friends. Out of everything I listened to, I landed on Paradigm Reference. I don’t recall the model, but they were about six grand for the pair. I had credit card in hand and was going to call the shop to order a pair when on a whim I did a Google search to see what else might be out there from on-line suppliers. I figured it couldn’t hurt and I might even save a few bucks. I found a couple audio geek forums and posted a question. I think it was Audiohaulics that pointed me to Axiom… I had close to twenty different brands that folks recommended I listen to based on my preference for the way the Paradigm Refs sounded. I ended up narrowing down my choice between Axiom and AV123’s premier line. Both had in home trial periods and both had excellent customer service. In the end, the free shipping from Axiom won my business, as it was going to cost me close to eight hundred to ship the AV123 speakers to me (and the same amount to ship them back if I didn’t like them). The M80’s showed up and I thought they sounded great, so I kept them. I’ve since bought more sets of Axiom speakers.

To why I still hang out here….. I’m still wondering why. \:\) I suppose it’s the friendly atmosphere and all the great unbiased audio / video, and “non-audio” advice I get here. Feathers get ruffled from time to time, but the board members for the most part are a good bunch of guys and gals and I’ve even made a few friends along the way.

Would I buy Axiom again?? I see little reason to not buy them again. I like their sound, their customer service is top notch, and, you can have the speakers finished any way you want with just about any species of wood or vinyl you want.

#238208 - 01/05/09 12:19 PM Re: Why Axiom??? [Re: lhulls]
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My choice of Axiom was similar to others.

In my case, what first caught my attention were all the positive reviews of Axiom speakers over on At the time, M22's were listed as one of the very top bookshelf speakers. M80's were near the top for floor-standers as well. Several other Axiom speakers were among the 'Top 10' lists. Axiom just really stood out. From there I started doing research on Axiom. I read a few more reviews and found this forum. The reviews all seemed to point to an 'incredible value for the dollar' theme, and the folks around here were nice enough to answer some questions. The 30-day return policy was enough to convince me that it was worth ordering blind. I was somewhat apprehensive about the experience, as this was the first time I'd ever purchased speakers without listening to them first. That was a big deal to me, but I figured at worst I'd be out maybe $50 (shipping) if I returned them.

Happily, I was very impressed with the SQ of the M22's. I quickly ordered a VP150 to complement them. Those speakers anchored my HT room for a good couple of years before I got the bug to upgrade and went with M80's & QS8's, which is where I am now.

I'm a happy customer and will gladly demo my system for anyone willing to listen. I appreciate Axiom speakers because they are truly excellent for the price. Like many of us, I've listened to a lot of other speakers. My wife and I have driven many hundreds of miles to various shops and listened to dozens of other speakers over the years. Admittedly, it's not easy to try to objectively compare speakers with so many variables. We did our best.

IMHO, there are better speakers out there. Axiom speakers aren't the be-all, end-all of speakerdom. But in my experience, everything that seemed more acoustically pleasing to me cost at least twice as much (often 3x +) as an equivalent Axiom speaker. And that's what did it for me. I simply couldn't justify spending $4,000 on a set of mains from CompanyX when a $1,300 set of M80's made me just as sonically happy.

Sure, that $10,000 pair of B&W 8xx's were better, and that $50,000 pair of Dynaudio's were jaw-dropping. But I'm not that wealthy. And that's really what it boils down to. Axiom's are excellent (period). But for the money, they're absolutely astounding.
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#238229 - 01/05/09 01:45 PM Re: Why Axiom??? [Re: CV]
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In response to Charles' request for a thread hijack.

Didn't somthin somthin somethin Negative Orange somethin somethin ?

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#238233 - 01/05/09 01:50 PM Re: Why Axiom??? [Re: Murph]
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I don't know, but CV somethin somthin to prove it.
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#238237 - 01/05/09 02:07 PM Re: Why Axiom??? [Re: medic8r]
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#238242 - 01/05/09 02:27 PM Re: Why Axiom??? [Re: jakewash]
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Although I was not in the market at the time, my friend Peter (pmbuko) picked up a pair of these "Axiom M22" things off of the internet. Now, I'd seen the ads for them online, and was extremely skeptical. He (at the time) had some of the best speakers I'd heard, the Paradigm Monitor 9s. A year or two before, when he was shopping for the Paradigms, we'd heard Magnepans. When I heard those, I was amazed--they sounded fantastic and sort of took me to another place (hate the metaphor, but there we are). The only speakers that had done that previously were Hales, and that company was well out of business.

Anyway... Peter's M22s took me to that other place again. I was shocked to hear such good sound out of bookshelves, and internet only purchase bookshelves at that!

I bought some M50s as soon as WAF and finances permitted (I was required to finish building the entertainment center before I could buy!), and again had the same experience. When I got the M80s a few years later, it was the same thing all over again, only moreso. So I'm pretty sold on Axioms.
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