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#2428 - 04/03/02 10:16 PM M3Ti midrange
ravi_singh Offline

Registered: 03/14/02
Posts: 1351
Loc: Montreal
I just received my M3Ti's today, and have been playing them since. They are excellent speakers, but not broken in yet. I have noticed, however, that the midrange on this speaker, although clean and smooth, seems to be a step back in terms of volume. It sounds just a tad behind the bass and tweeters. In other reviews I have read, it said the midrange was slightly muffled. I have also heard that when these speakers break in, the bass becomes less prevailant and boomy (which i do find it is, a bit).

Has anyone who has had these speakers for a few weeks (therefore well broken in) noticed an improvement in midrange performance? Or does anyone know a way to bring it slightly more forward?

thanks in advance for any replies!

#2429 - 04/03/02 11:22 PM Re: M3Ti midrange
buzz Offline

Registered: 03/26/02
Posts: 3
I too am a brand new owner of Axiom speakers.
I got my 50's today.
Let me say: those people who are hesitating about purchasing these or other Axiom speakers-take the plunge.
I find-even after only 5 or 6 hours of break-in-that these are excellent speakers-that will get even better with age.
Thy fit my electronics-quite well.
I have a Linn Wakonda pre-amplifier- an Acurus 250 watt per channel amp.
A California Audio labs-Icon compact disc player.
A Sota Moonbeam turntable-with Grado cartridge.
I use top of the Line Monster cable with exterminator banana plugs-as speaker cable.
My interconnect includes some Monster-some Cardas
I have a 15 year -old Luxman tuner-and a Nakamichi cassette deck.

The sound of these speakers-is full-bodied-rich, transparent and images quite well.

I am not suggesting that any other system is inferior or superior to mine. What you hear is the culminaztion of your choices and experiences-your room-and your perception of the sonic event.
But i am saying that these speakers sound great to me-so far.
I will keep people appraised of my observations-as time goes by.

Thank you Alan for your personal suggestion.


#2430 - 04/03/02 11:27 PM Re: M3Ti midrange

Registered: 03/19/02
Posts: 21
Loc: California
I have had my M3's for about 2 months now. They sound MUCH better after a good break-in period. However, they do seem to have a slightly recessed midrange. I have heard from others that the M22, M60 and M80 have a more forward mid section. Some people enjoy the recessed mids of the M3 and feel it adds depth. It's just a matter of taste. If the mids are bothering you perhaps you should give the M22 a try. I might(?) give the M60 a try and see if I like them.

#2431 - 04/04/02 09:39 AM Re: M3Ti midrange
ravi_singh Offline

Registered: 03/14/02
Posts: 1351
Loc: Montreal
Yes, I do find think the M22's will have a more forward midrange. As it is now, my M3's will be going in the back once I have the money to buy M22's and VP100.

Personally, I am a fan of things that give a dark ambience, and the M3's do just that. However, I'd still hope they sound a tad better once broken in, and once I am used to hearing them.
Perhaps someone else will respond who has had the same experience with these speakers. Don't get me wrong, they are excellent speakers. I am not knocking them,

#2432 - 04/04/02 09:18 PM Re: M3Ti midrange
Randyman Offline

Registered: 03/29/02
Posts: 184
Loc: Honolulu, Hawaii
I have not heard the M3s, but I bought the M50s a week ago and am still in the break-in period, but I have noticed the same thing about the mid range that ravi-singh says about the mid range on his M3s. It seems a bit recessed (or less pronounced). I am strongly considering moving up to the M60s

Question for Alan: Would I notice a pronounced or significant difference in the mids between the 50s and the 60s???


#2433 - 04/06/02 11:06 PM Re: M3Ti midrange

Registered: 03/19/02
Posts: 21
Loc: California
Can you tell us about the midrange of the M1s you sent back? Do the M1s have a recessed midrange like the M3?
Thank you.

#2434 - 04/07/02 04:51 AM Re: M3Ti midrange

Hi Hologram. Can't comment on the M1. I have the M3, M2 and Mzero.

The M2's midrange does not seem to be recessed, as is the case with the M3 (slight recess). The M2 also has a lighter mid-bass presentation than the M3. It may be that the M2 is slightly more balanced than the M3, however, I prefer the presentation of the M3. It is an exceptional speaker that sounds wonderful even without augmenting it with a sub. It can also play louder than the M2 before congestion sets in.

The Mzeros sound almost as good as the M3's in terms of its sonic presentation, however, only in respect to listening near-field. It cannot fill out a small room like the larger Axiom monitors can; and remains largely devoid of any significant low bass information. Works very well with a sub, but the crossover has to be set higher, which may make seamless integration with a sub a little troublesome.

Very happy with all my Axiom speakers (and that includes also my AX-1 monitors, AX-1 Center, AX-3 towers and AX-500a subs).

#2435 - 04/07/02 09:44 PM Re: M3Ti midrange
ravi_singh Offline

Registered: 03/14/02
Posts: 1351
Loc: Montreal

The m1's midrange was not recessed. The speaker was fairly balanced, though I found that the lower midrange, or any bass at all, was just not very good. The speaker was smoothe, but sometimes a tad fatiguing to listen to. I find the M3's are far better, and as time goes by, the midrange is coming up a bit, and the boomy bass is leaving.
The M1's also didn't have very good transparency and soundstage compared to the M3.


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