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#2479 - 04/07/02 02:14 PM M60ti vs. diva 6.1
drptpcpe Offline

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O.k. no intent to open a can worms! (argh) I am looking for good sounding speakers. (subjective). I noticed alot of strong words in another thread about these comparisons and am only looking for experienced answers, not assumations or flames from the strongly opinionated. (and if someone doesn't like my grammar or something else,tough) Stick to the topic. Enough self preserving crap. On to the show. I have listened to the Diva 6.1s on good equipment (not listing it) and they sound really good, but a bit bright at times from the tweeter. I am at the point of ordering them but they are backlogged about a month. Have read the reviews I can find on the Axioms but none on the Mti60.( ? ) Iwant a good sounding realistic midrange and bass w/o being to boomy or harsh and they also must double at H/T. So my plans are for four matched towers and a center that is matched well for Dvd audio or 5 channel stereo(for the wife) and a couple of subs. (lookling at the HSU vtf-2). Who has listened to the 60's and can give a subjective review w/o trying to justify their own purchase? Now for what I think of the Diva's besides sound I will give 'my' opinion. They are attractive, very Euro looking with the top mount tweeter, but... The rosewood almost looks fake. (maybe to shiny) the kevlar midrange looks paper (nothing like a b&w or focal) and the woofers are an alloy 'pale yellow'. But why are the Divas 25 lbs. heavier than the M80's? The 6.1s list for $1299 a pair, but in a deal for four with a center which is $499, av123 will throw in the center and knock $200 off the 6.1s for a total of $2397. So how much do the speakers really cost to make? Now I don't know what the markup is over production, or if it is along the lines of Axiom, but I want a product where the money is spent on r&d and quality components, not figured in for deal making. If I can't afford to purchase the whole package together, then when I can purchase the rest of the pieces I then have to pay what I would consider an inflated (set for deals) price. Some of you will say thats what packages offer, but it is a significant difference. long post............ sorry. I will read any posts but please do not feel the need to start a 'flame' contest.
btw, I noticed some cracking in the finish of the rosewood on the 6.1s and have read several posts at the avsforum about this (must be a problem).
thnx again, everyone have a great day!

#2480 - 04/09/02 06:34 PM Re: M60ti vs. diva 6.1
jkohn Offline
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I'm a bit surprised you found the 6.1's to be bright, as it's my understanding that they're generally regarded as being a bit laid back if not warm. Maybe it was the electronics?

One thing to consider on the Diva's is that the rosewood veneer does add to the cost of the speakers, so to some extent you're paying for something that you dislike if you're not happy with the apearance.

Also a more fair comparison based on price might be the M80ti's rather than the M60ti's.

I haven't had the opportunity to hear either speaker yet, but after researching on the web and reading lots of feedback I've decided that the Axiom speakers offer more bang for the buck. With free shipping and a money-back guarantee the most I'm out if I don't like them is return shipping. Shipping for the Divas is pretty expensive from what I've heard, so don't forget to factor that into the cost analysis.

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