After giving it more thougt, my world is even more centered around my PC than I thought.

Home music (main floor) - Squeezebox via PC
Home Music (basement HT room) - PS3 via PC
Work Music - music streamed from home PC via Winamp Remote.
Portable Music - Zune, synced to library and podcasts via my PC

Movies - If not a new rental, streamed to PS3 via PC

Internet - Used to VPN into work, weather forecast (sent to my Squeezebox for viewing upstairs), bridge closures (life on an Island), research, purchasing, online gaming (Everquest II) and whatever other useful information the Interweb can provide.

House lights, coffemaker, occasionally the crock pot -
are all scheduled or tied to my TV remote control or other remotes, via X-10 style stuff. It requires the PC for initial scheduling.

(when I get up in the morning, I hit a wireless wall switch by my bed that turns on the bedroom light, the bathroom light, the downstairs kitchen light and the coffeemaker.)

Perhaps in a weird kind of irony, all this geekiness I'm addicted to is why I enjoy getting out of my house so much.
With great power comes Awesome irresponsibility.