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Scott, I have been remiss in not publicly lauding our encounter. Thank you for taking the initiative.

We had a truly spectacular dinner at a quintessential New Orleans place recommended by Scott. The food, brew and company were exquisite. Scott made quite a sacrifice of family weeknight time to drive all the way into NOLA from his home. I want to especially thank him for his thoughtful and generous gift of wonderful Lazy Magnolia Pecan Ale. The beer also came with a great story, which is Scott's to tell.

We easily found shared joys and shared values. Scott is the kind of person that makes "meeting new friends" such an exhilarating and fulfilling part of life. I am grateful to him for a memorable evening, and especially for his ongoing friendship.

No, Mark, we consciously chose to honor your profession by eschewing photographic record of the encounter.

You guys make the internet a slightly less scary place. So far.

Wow. Tom, you are much better with the word than I, but the sentiment is the same. As far as the beer goes, I was actually curious if your avatar was a likeness and wanted to see what a squirrel looked like drinking pecans (as opposed to eating them). LOL