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#259324 - 05/04/09 06:00 PM HDMI Inputs
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I need some help...
When buying a receiver, I realize power is one thing to keep in mind. However, HDMI inputs seems to be something to consider too. I know (I think) that my HD TV will take one, my Blu-Ray player another, would a Wii take one too if I bought it? How many of these would I really need? If I run out of HDMI inputs, is there other ways to connect to most receivers?
Now, here comes the 'how big is a fish' question... If I plan to spend about $1000 on a receiver, what gives me the biggest bang for the buck given I want 7.2? I would be buying an Axiom sub so daisy chaining the two subs would not be a problem.
Lastly, is anyone using a Logitech Squeezebox Duet to get music from their computer to the stereo sound system and would be prepared to comment on how this works?

#259325 - 05/04/09 06:10 PM Re: HDMI Inputs [Re: rappar]
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Your TV will use the HDMI output on back of receiver and everything else will use HDMI inputs, buy a receiver that has more HDMI inputs than you think you will use. I don't know much about game systems but I don't think you can use HDMI for a Wii it use component video, which you can plug into the component input and the receiver will send it over the HDMI output to TV. Majority of receivers only have 1 subwoofer rca input (LFE) but yeah you can always daisy chain more than one sub together.

#259326 - 05/04/09 06:12 PM Re: HDMI Inputs [Re: rappar]
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I'll have to leave the squeezebox to others, but I can answer HDMI questions. it seems that 4 inputs is pretty standard in the newer receivers. Your HDTV will only take up the output, so no worries there, but you have to take stock of what you have/want to have hooked up to it. I have a PS3 and Xbox 360 which each have HDMI and a cord for my macbook, which I run directly to the TV since that HDMI doesn't carry any audio with it. most DVD players have HDMI these days, as all blu ray players and Cable boxes. I would go for 4 or so just for future-proofing.

The Wii does not support anything beyond component, so that won't take up an HDMI port, and most receivers these days will also convert analog to digital so that only one HDMI cable is necessary to run to the TV

#259347 - 05/04/09 10:45 PM Re: HDMI Inputs [Re: thefwam]
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 Originally Posted By: thefwam
The Wii does not support anything beyond component, so that won't take up an HDMI port, and most receivers these days will also convert analog to digital so that only one HDMI cable is necessary to run to the TV

Not true. Don't assume most receivers do analog to digital conversion or even analog to hdmi conversion. Many lower end receivers do not. Mid level receiver can be hit or miss on these features. Most higher end ones usually do.

If you will still use older equipment like dvd players or Playstation 2 or even a Wii, make sure the receiver you get will support your needs. A friend of mine bought a Denon 789 and then realized it will not do analog to hdmi conversion for the Wii. So he cannot hook up the Wii thru the receiver the way he intended. You really get what you pay for sometimes.

#259350 - 05/05/09 12:01 AM Re: HDMI Inputs [Re: shag]
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You may want to bypass a receiver with the component signal even if it does convert it to digital. I know the Wii through my Integra looked worse than hooking it up directly to the TV.

#259365 - 05/05/09 07:32 AM Re: HDMI Inputs [Re: CV]
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I spent about 3 weeks over at AVI reading through 350+ pages of the Yamaha RX-V663 thread. There are several guys throughout the thread that bought a $30-40 HDMI hub from monoprice. They assert that it performs flawlessly and that it is compatible with Universal Remotes like the Harmonys. So...if you run out of inputs, you do have other options.
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#259367 - 05/05/09 08:12 AM Re: HDMI Inputs [Re: Argon]
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HDMI Inputs For me:
2)Xbox 360
4)Future Home theater PC

As for the Squeeze Box, as long as you have a home network with a PC attached you can stream your music from your PC to the squeeze box using the easy to use Squeeze Center software. If the network is internet connected you can stream music from the net. You can output the audio into your receiver using either the digital or l/r analog inputs. You can connect your squeezebox to your network using ethernet or wireless.
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#259414 - 05/05/09 03:47 PM Re: HDMI Inputs [Re: hietpas]
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Squeezbox Rules!!!! In fact, I believe that next season it will be revealed that it is actually the computer system that links itself all over the world and becomes Skynet in the Sarah Connor Chronicles.
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#259419 - 05/05/09 04:21 PM Re: HDMI Inputs [Re: Murph]
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Bad news, the Sarah Connor Chronicles is more than likely not being renewed for another season. \:\(

Though check on May 18th for Fox's fall schedule, just don't get your hopes up.
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