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#269541 - 08/16/09 11:21 PM Re: Sony PS3... [Re: BlueJays1]
terzaghi Offline

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I prefer my 360 for playing games (over the PS3). I did try burning one game to the hard drive (I think it was Fallout3) and noticed a significant decrease in noise. However, It's not really possible to do that with all of your games if have a launch 20 gig HD.

#269542 - 08/16/09 11:24 PM Re: Sony PS3... [Re: BlueJays1]
thefwam Offline

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I haven't found the bluetooth remote to be poor in the least...maybe i got the lone good one.

#269544 - 08/16/09 11:26 PM Re: Sony PS3... [Re: thefwam]
CV Offline
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No, my PS3 remote worked fine. Very responsive. More responsive than the OPPO remote, for sure.

#269545 - 08/16/09 11:28 PM Re: Sony PS3... [Re: terzaghi]
BlueJays1 Offline

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I prefer the 360 controller also. Generally speaking 3rd party games perform better on the 360 (which most games are these days). I also like the 360 exclusives even though I would still like to play a few games on the PS3.
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#269556 - 08/17/09 12:02 AM Re: Sony PS3... [Re: BlueJays1]
Hansang Offline

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It depends. There was a batch that tended to overheat (extra loud fan kicked in constantly) and Sony was replacing them for free for a while.

Also, keep in mind that there are *STILL* movies that Oppo has issues with. Not so with the PS3.

Blu-ray as a consortium sucks big rocks. To put out movies that *STILL* don't play universally is a big joke.

Having said that, I can't stand the fact the PS3 lacks an IR port so I use my Oppo (or Samsung 1400) BD player. If a movie doesn't play, then I use the PS3.
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#269560 - 08/17/09 01:19 AM Re: Sony PS3... [Re: Hansang]
ClubNeon Offline

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I really like my PS3. I spend at least 6 hours with it each day. I don't game too much, but here and there. I use it for Blu-rays and some DVDs, and much MPEG-4 AVC video. I love the remote, I wish all remotes were Bluetooth. I don't have to point it in any specific direction. I can see how it would be a pain if you use a universal--I don't. Even though I have a launch 60-gig unit, which is supposed to be louder than the current models; since I replaced the thermal compound on the heatsink it is very quite. On 90+ degree days, I can hear the fan from the couch, if I listen closely, but as soon as any content starts it gets covered up.

As for the Oppo, I was all ready to buy one, but after following the "official" thread on AVS for several hundred posts, I think I'll hold off until their next hardware generation. The PS3 has never failed to play any Blu-ray disc. While the Oppo has had issues with several new releases and had to wait for firmware updates. While this is actually the fault of the studios for putting even more restrictive anti-copy measures in place, it doesn't change the fact that the Oppo can't play some BDs at release time. While the Oppo can bitstream the HD codecs, it can't decode them into LPCM and mix in the secondary audio. If you wish to have the secondary audio enabled you'll be degraded to the lossy core audio. Secondary audio is still a bit of a gimmick, but it is part of the Blu-ray spec, and the Oppo can't handle it 100%.
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#269561 - 08/17/09 01:51 AM Re: Sony PS3... [Re: ClubNeon]
Avi Deshpande Offline

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You are the Man..Can you tell the fix you did..
I would like to do that.

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#269562 - 08/17/09 02:09 AM Re: Sony PS3... [Re: Avi Deshpande]
oldskoolboarder Offline

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 Originally Posted By: Avi Deshpande
Huh..agreed OPPO is nice..but PS3 rocks too..

except ofcourse the noise..mine is okay after a USB external fan in the cabinet to keep the PS3 some cooling company.

I like the fact that it gets those firmware upgrades to keep it updated and ofcourse regular DVDs and audio are very good. Agreed i have not seen the OPPO yet.

Not kool u OPPO guys :SOB:

Let us know your thoughts on OPPO when u get it.


What fan did you use? W/ the fan on, mine sounds like a plane landing. When I run it vertical, no fan issues but I don't have the rack space to store it vertically.

#269563 - 08/17/09 02:20 AM Re: Sony PS3... [Re: oldskoolboarder]
Avi Deshpande Offline

Registered: 01/08/08
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Loc: SF Bay Area, USA
Samsung 65" 8500, xbox 360
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#269566 - 08/17/09 03:39 AM Re: Sony PS3... [Re: BlueJays1]
RickF Offline

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 Originally Posted By: Dr.House
I wouldn't go that far calling it a POS.

You're right, overall the unit isn't, but the remote sure is ... non-IR so therefore I cannot program the remote into the universal remote. Saturday evening we watched 'Iron Man' and 'Cadillac Records' with the PS3 and with both movies I wanted to pause the movie a time or two but accidentally hit the 'Stop' button and had to restart the movies from scratch, a problem I've had with most movies and the remote since owning the PS3. The remote may be alright for you young bucks to operate in dim lighting but for my blind AARP ass it definitely needs (other than IR) better placement and more easily distinguishable function buttons, also with me being old school I do not like the looks of the PS3 as a stand alone BR player, it looks odd as hell in the component rack with the shiny black surface being a dust and fingerprint magnet and you can probably tell by now I do not play games with it.

Last evening the wife and I watched 'Transformers' and 'The Italian Job' on our Toshiba HD-DVD and we both thought the picture was actually better than the PS3 and as far as operating the remote, ez-freaking-pz with it being programmed into the universal remote ... like every other component we have, other than the PS3.
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