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#3026 - 05/11/02 01:06 AM I had a bad day..need to know what options I have.
dj1s Offline

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Today was definitely not a good day. I had to move from my previous dorm room to a new dorm for a short summer semester, and to make matters worse I had no one to help me in this endeavor... I wasn't going to bring my M50s or VP100 into this new room as it was much smaller; but I figured my M3s and sub would be just fine for a small room as it was. When I arrived I noticed my desk was one of those hutch jobs with multiple levels...I have a 19" monitor and realized that there was no way I could use the desk with this I figured I'd just use it as a desk and use something else to hold the monitor. I put my 2 M3's on the top of the hutch as I felt that they fit well there and went to find a place to plug in my receiver. I noticed there was an outlet behind the desk so I decided to push the desk to the right. Upon pushing it a couple inches I heard something very bad...the hutch was detachable..and had skid about half an inch, slipping somewhat off the side of the desk making the shelves no longer square...I quickly saw the speakers slipped, grabbed the one I could get to and watched the other one slam 5 feet from a shelve into the tile floor below... very much depressing... it doesn't look like the speaker itself took any direct damage..the casing is smashed pretty well on the top corner and there is a long seem broke on the side running a few inches...the grill holders broke in place lodging half the plastic tips into the speaker..therefore making the grill unusable. My brother got me these speakers for Xmas, while I finished the set with the M50s/VP100 so I feel just about awful about it...I know i need to get them fixed or replaced..

I guess that's what my question is; obviously they are under warranty but I doubt the warranty applies to falling off a desk at 5 feet... I as of yet cannot test them for audible changes as I'm currently home until Monday (when I have to go back).. I guess I need to know if I should just buy a new one or is there anyway to have the cases switched out or anything?

Thanks a lot. Truly a horrible day (that was only 25% of the badness of today...)

#3027 - 05/11/02 10:16 AM Re: I had a bad day..need to know what options I have.
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Hi Dj1s,

Sorry to hear of the mishap. On the plus side, it's lucky it didn't fall on the driver side (the front panel) so perhaps the drivers survived intact. The cabinet crack (the seam) is likely cosmetic damage. I doubt that it goes right through the enclosure, which is very solid.

Call Joe Vassallo, our service manager, toll-free at 1-866-294-6688, during normal business hours, and ask him about ordering replacement inserts that accept the grille (and a new grille). Perhaps you can repair the cosmetic damage to the corner of the cabinet or have it repaired at minimal cost.

If the drivers and crossover components are okay, you might be able to order a new enclosure and grille. Joe will tell you how to install the drivers.

Alan Lofft,
Axiom Resident Expert (Retired)

#3028 - 05/11/02 12:19 PM Re: I had a bad day..need to know what options I have.
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Registered: 03/13/02
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Thanks Alan. I'll give them a listen and see if there is any difference on Monday; then give a call sometime in the week. The speaker actually did fall somewhat front forward, but I think it hit the top corner first (judging by the damage to the corner)..the driver *looks* okay with no signs of the accident to the we'll see how it goes on Monday. Hopefully its just the case.

Thanks for your help. I'll call Joe Vassallo soon.


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