I am currently thinking of getting the M60's and have heard the B&W CDM NT1 & NT7's which I was impressed with.I have also thought of buying the PSB 6T's which I can get for the price of the M60's.

As I said I was impressed with the B&W's ,but the cost is a mitigating factor and would like some input as to the musical experience of the M60's as opposed to the B&W's and the PSB 6T's.

I know that no 2 speakers are the same ,but I also know that there should be a noticable difference as to the sound that is produced by speakers when A/B testing is done(musical Ability).Some more favorable then other's.Sounstage,Tweeter Dispersion,Coloration,Bass Depth etc. are all factors when considering one speaker set over another.

If anyone can give some input as to how close the M60's come to the B&W's it would be helpful.I am not expecting the M60's to be better or outplay,just to be on par with them in most area's and/or be equal or surpass them in other's.They might fail to do that as in Bass for instance!

Thanks for the Input!