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#308889 - 06/01/10 03:28 PM Re: VP180 [Re: bdpf]
EFalardeau Offline

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And they will not be shipping to everyone on the first day. Depending on the number of pre-orders and your position in the first-ordered, first-shipped queue, you may want to prepare yourself for more than a week's wait... \:\(
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#308891 - 06/01/10 03:37 PM Re: VP180 [Re: EFalardeau]
jhunt17 Offline

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Ok that kinda upsets me a little bit. If you are telling people that your are going to ship something a certain day then it should ship that day. Don't tell me one thing and then do another. Not good business.
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#308900 - 06/01/10 06:10 PM Re: VP180 [Re: jhunt17]
Potatohead Offline

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I would imagine they say that is the estimated day of completion...

#308902 - 06/01/10 06:11 PM Re: VP180 [Re: jhunt17]
bdpf Offline

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I feel your pain. I am a bit disappointed too. I think Axiom is a great company but I was really hopping to play with my new toy today. I am curious to know the reason on the delay though...
Hopefully it's not something that went wrong during the production that they will try to fix ass fast.
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#308903 - 06/01/10 06:13 PM Re: VP180 [Re: jhunt17]
solarrdadd Offline

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i know i'm new here but i guess what i'd been hearing about the VP180 showing up today on the site either just didn't pan out for Axiom or was the date made up by rumor on the site? i'm just curious because i want to buy one or at least read the official page for the center speaker. even if they weren't ready to sell it until a week or so, why not go ahead and put up the official page so people can get info straight from the maker/seller not just by hear-say on the site and not from the few who are in the club. i think that club only on the info is a bad idea, it didn't work out for emotiva (at least the company did put out official information from time to time about the delays and such so i will give them that much credit. can't find one word from the company on this site from Axiom in the form of an offical release notice or anything) and it's not working out here. if you offer previous owners a discount, that's fine, i'm all for that but why hold back info on a product to a few and not to everyone like a potential customer like me? now because there is not official release notice from Axiom we have to read about what was heard or something like that. yes, i know it will be ready when it's ready but that really should come from Axiom to add some truth to it. they should step up and say something to all of us, then, we all at the same time will know what is what. now i'm sure i'll get a beat down but that's cool too it still won't change what's right. hey, i don't even know is Axiom promised that these speakers would be available today or not which is part of the problem, i'm going on hear-say from this forum. not seeing anything from Axiom themselves, that date may be made up too!

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#308906 - 06/01/10 06:24 PM Re: VP180 [Re: solarrdadd]
Adrian Offline

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Solar, if you give Axiom a call, they'll answer any and all questions.
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#308920 - 06/01/10 07:49 PM Re: VP180 [Re: Adrian]
tomtuttle Offline

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Everybody should just relax.

Maybe Axiom doesn't WANT to say anything official, yet.

What we've got is pre-orders available to some previous customers. That sounds like "Beta" to me. We should be happy we've got ANY information (i.e. "hope") at this point. Without the beauty of the uncensored Axiom forums, we'd have a big bunch of nothing at the moment.

I don't think it's terribly useful to start throwing around concepts like credibility and right/wrong because of a PERCEIVED delay in shipping. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think anybody can confirm that Axiom HASN'T shipped anything yet, right?

Maybe everybody at Axiom is simply too busy packing and shipping VP180's to type an update on the packing and shipping of VP180's. \:\)
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#308922 - 06/01/10 08:00 PM Re: VP180 [Re: tomtuttle]
RickF Offline

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Cheers Tom ... <clinck>!

I'm relaxed, beer in hand and very patiently waiting ... no problem man. \:\)
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#308923 - 06/01/10 08:06 PM Re: VP180 [Re: tomtuttle]
bridgman Offline

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The owners club newsletter said "with shipping BEGINNING on May 31..." (for pre-orders), not "every pre-ordered VP180 will be shipped on May 31".

I enjoy complaining as much as the next guy, but how could this *possibly* be a credibility issue on June 1 ?

EDIT - also, maybe I missed something but I thought "regular" shipments were supposed to start on June 30 or thereabouts, so I wasn't expecting to see the VP180 appear on the site until then.

My personal feeling is that if Axiom expected to start shipping pre-orders this week and actually starts shipping them next week then they're doing pretty darned good, but I admit that view is colored by 30 years of my own experience with new product development ;\)

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#308924 - 06/01/10 08:08 PM Re: VP180 [Re: bridgman]
RickF Offline

Registered: 02/26/05
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Loc: Vero Beach, Florida
That's what was running through my mind John.
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