Hey Cam Glad to hear about your TV, I just wanted to say something about Samsung. It all depends on who you talk to my 55c7000 was suffering from clouding and flashlighting. So I called Samsung they set up a service call, and to my shock the service people called that day. Rather than send someone out to see whats wrong they wanted me to take pictures and email it to them. Well the next day They called said I need a panel replacement, This made me mad. After they replace the panel I would no longer have a new 3000 TV I would have frankenTv.

2 weeks later a very large dude and a 65 pound blond arrived at my door with the new panel. The blond who knew nothing about TVs was there to help carry everything, on a normal day she answers the phones. They were both extremely nice just a very odd couple for repair work. so after helping move the TV, the guy went to work once the TV was opened is were the trouble started.

He stepped on the 3d emitter pulling it out I had to show him were to put it back. He installed the motherboard wrong the first time. He kept saying if he messed something up they would blame the new panel.

Well finally it was done, well the new panel was a real POS more clouding more flashlighting and new color bleeding. I called Samsung got transferred to their ECS, at first she tried telling me to use the TV for a couple months. I of course said no the warranty would be dead by then. She then said nothing is wrong with the TV. I told her then why did they replace my panel. She requested a exchange 4 weeks later they replaced my 55c7000 with a 55c8000.

So IMHO its all about the luck of the draw, one lady their would not transfer me to ECS. Her advice hangup try again
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