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#345585 - 04/20/11 10:33 AM Your AV equipment journey
mpyw Offline

Registered: 07/24/09
Posts: 281
Loc: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
What AV equipments you owned b4 current setup?


Year 1998
Sony STR-DB589
Sony DVD Player
Sony 5.1 satellite speakers
Denon mini compo

Year 2007
Yamaha RX-V861
Sony PS3
PSB Alpha T1 & C1
Velodyne CHT-12R
Sony satellite as surround
ECE DVD player
Samsung HD950 upscalling DVD Player
Sony 40" LCD TV

Year 2008
Marantz SR-6003
PSB Alpha T1 & C1
Orb audio Mod1 as surround
Velodyne CHT-12R
Dune BD Prime 1.0
Sony PS3
Pioneer PDP-508XG Plasma TV

Year 2009
Marantz SR6003
Axiom M60v2
Axiom VP150
SVS PC12 Plus
Cambridge Audio 640Cv2 CD player
Dune BD Prime 1.0
Sony PS3
Emotiva XPA-3
Pioneer PDP-508XG

Year 2010
Onkyo TX-NR808
Emotiva XPA-3
SVS PC12 Plus
Dune BD Prime 1.0
Oppo BD-80
Sony PS3
Axiom M60v2 & VP150v2
Orb Audio Mod1 as surround

Year 2011 (now) - HT Room
Onkyo TX-NR808
Emotiva XPA-3
SVS PC12 Plus
Dune BD Prime 1.0
Sony PS3
Axiom M60v2 & VP150v2
Mordaunt Short Avant 903 as surrouns
Sharp XV9000E 720p projector
120" screen

2011 (now) - living room
Pioneer PDP-508XG plasma TV
Marantz SR7500
Mordaunt Short Avant 905 and 901
Oppo BD80
Mordaunt Short 10" sub-woofer
Orb Audio Mod1 as surround

now I know where all my money gone... frown

Edited by mpyw (04/20/11 10:35 AM)

#345667 - 04/21/11 10:55 AM Re: Your AV equipment journey [Re: mpyw]
nickbuol Offline

Registered: 09/16/04
Posts: 4675
Loc: Marion, IA
I've had a number of items in the past. Usually summed up as "crap" before what I have now.

Now that we are moving, I am starting from scratch with everything but my Axioms.

I've owned some low end Pioneer receivers and CD players. Mid-level Pioneer DVD player. That was back when I had my KLH Speakers (Crappity crap crap crap...)

I still own a Pioneer receiver (Elite line at least), and have had a nice upconverting Panasonic S97 dvd player before I went HDDVD and Blu-Ray.

Here are some pictures of my old (really old) setup.. Start counting the speakers. I have them all over the place.

2-M60s, VP180, VP150, 4-QS8s, 4-M3s, SVS 20-39PCi, DIY Sub, 8-Shakers, JVC RS45

#345669 - 04/21/11 11:04 AM Re: Your AV equipment journey [Re: nickbuol]
SirQuack Offline
shareholder in the making

Registered: 01/29/04
Posts: 13356
Loc: Iowa
what did you ever do with those chairs, and where the heck did you get them, to cool.
M80s-VP180-QS8s-EP600-2xEP350 Denon3808 Outlaw7700
Audio Nirvana

#345671 - 04/21/11 11:13 AM Re: Your AV equipment journey [Re: SirQuack]
nickbuol Offline

Registered: 09/16/04
Posts: 4675
Loc: Marion, IA
Found them on eBay. That is the house that we moved from about 8 years ago. Theater was there for all of 2 years, but I wanted "theater seats" and this is what you got for "theater seats"... You know, seats from a theater. No plush leather recliners.

Anyway, some guy was selling like 1000 seats on eBay in just about any combination of "end" seats or "middle" seats. You could buy as many as you wanted. I think that I paid $400 total for all of them shipped to my house. The fabric looked brand new, and the metal/plastic parts were a beige color until I painted them. Some had a few dents in them that I removed the cushion and popped out, but overall very good condition. We did have a couch for a front row and found that we sat there most of the time. So yeah, 3 rows of seats. Height difference wasn't great from row 2 to row 3 though.

They got sold with that house just to have the new owners rip everything out about 6 months later because they "couldn't figure out how to run things". Come on, it was a TV, receiver, and DVD player. Geez.
2-M60s, VP180, VP150, 4-QS8s, 4-M3s, SVS 20-39PCi, DIY Sub, 8-Shakers, JVC RS45

#345682 - 04/21/11 02:36 PM Re: Your AV equipment journey [Re: mpyw]
bridgman Offline

Registered: 08/25/04
Posts: 5512
Loc: Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada
Let's see...

pre-1973 - my parents "Hi-fi", with a beautiful wood cabinet, tube amp, automatic turntable with 4 or 5 pound tracking weight, and a single 12" speaker with a little cone mounted in the middle of the big cone to give the illusion of treble

1973-1976 - same as above, but with a series of home-made external speakers replacing the built-in 12", starting with Philips / DeForest 2-way (5-1/2" woofer, 1") then replaced with KEF 2-way (8" woofer, 3/4" tweeter).

1976-1994-ish - Advent 300 receiver, SWTP power amp, some kind of decent turntable, Shure M95, pair of 3-way Philips home-made (10" / 4" / 1")

1994-2004-ish - some not particularly memorable system

2004-2005-ish - HK stereo receiver, M2ti, PSB Subsonic5, Kenwood CD changer

2005-2010 - HK 630, M60, QS8, VP100, SVS PC-Plus, with a Sanyo Z4 projector added somewhere along the way

2010-present - same but with VP180 replacing VP100

Edited by bridgman (04/21/11 02:38 PM)


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