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#365190 - 01/30/12 04:01 PM Re: Brand new owner [Re: btcs41]
tomtuttle Offline

Registered: 06/20/03
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Loc: Tacoma
Yes, I'd get it as high as possible. Maybe take it to Mendocino for the weekend or something.

Or, you could find some way to angle it towards the listening position.

I would NOT put it tightly sandwiched between/behind the shelving units. That is, try to get the front baffle of the speaker out in front of the front of the shelf units by at least an inch or so if you can.

Speaker stands or shelves for the L/R or just going to dress up the TV trays wink Either way, again try to reduce the reflection points by getting the speaker on the listener-side edge of the support. But, you know, be safe first.

I really like how your display looks. I like the paint color in the room, too.

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#365208 - 01/30/12 04:56 PM Re: Brand new owner [Re: btcs41]
cb919 Offline

Registered: 02/17/09
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Loc: Ottawa, Canada
What Tom said.
I would position the center M22 as high as possible without actually touching the TV. However if it's cosmetically appealing to be a bit lower I am not sure that a few inches will make a big difference.

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#365245 - 01/30/12 10:35 PM Re: Brand new owner [Re: btcs41]
pmbuko Offline
shareholder in the making

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Loc: Ben Lomond, California
Does anybody here not have at least a couple of those tray tables? smile
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#365250 - 01/30/12 10:48 PM Re: Brand new owner [Re: btcs41]
CatBrat Offline

Registered: 08/05/09
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I don't have any tv trays.

#365252 - 01/30/12 11:13 PM Re: Brand new owner [Re: btcs41]
JohnK Offline
shareholder in the making

Registered: 05/11/02
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Btcs, certainly not surprising that the M22 won out there. Yes, when you get set up more permanently it should be a little higher and/or tilted slightly backward if possible.

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#365258 - 01/31/12 12:38 AM Re: Brand new owner [Re: pmbuko]
CV Offline
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Originally Posted By: pmbuko
Does anybody here not have at least a couple of those tray tables? smile

I don't, but my sister does, and I think my friend in Portland does. I like Table Mate style that you can get closer to you, but I've never seen any of decent quality. I'd consider getting some made, but it wouldn't be for long. I'm hoping to get theater seating with tray tables that can be brought up from the side.

#365349 - 01/31/12 10:00 PM Re: Brand new owner [Re: btcs41]
jakewash Offline
shareholder in the making

Registered: 12/26/03
Posts: 10415
Loc: Calgary, Alberta
Custom height FMS stand would be my first choice, this way the stands will all match which I am sure the WAF would be high.


#366234 - 02/10/12 01:34 PM Re: Brand new owner [Re: btcs41]
SmokeyMcBear Offline

Registered: 02/10/12
Posts: 34
Loc: Sonoma County, CA
I really dont know if there is an introduction thread, but I did find a brand new owner thread, so here goes. I recently purchased the M22 and VP150 center, and I'm pretty happy about it. I was a little skeptical at first, watched a couple of DVDs when I first got them, sounded better than what I had, but wasnt really blown away, and for a grand (i know, not really much, but a big step for me) I wanted that holy crap feeling. Then the other night I dropped in my inglorious basterds bluray, as I havent watched it for a while, and wow, the grin on my face, ha. It is true what they say with speakers I guess, they dont muddle or make it wound better that what it is, crap in equals crap out. But you get good input, these bad boys sing.

#366235 - 02/10/12 01:43 PM Re: Brand new owner [Re: SmokeyMcBear]
BobKay Offline

Registered: 03/23/10
Posts: 3596
Loc: Massachusetts Badlands
Welcome, Mr. McBear. You have found a place where everyone feels exactly the same as you do about our ear pleasures. Congrats on your purchase!

We are well aware of that smile you referred to. Happy to hear there's one more of them out there.
Always call the place you live a house. When you're old, everyone else will call it a home.

#366258 - 02/10/12 03:41 PM Re: Brand new owner [Re: btcs41]
Murph Offline

Registered: 10/05/06
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Loc: PEI, Canada
Congratulations and Welcome!!!

You are so right. The source material can make or break the experience. In fact with really accurate speakers like those, you unfortunately start to really notice the bad material as being bad. The good more than makes up for it though.

Not sure what kind of music you are into but pick up a copy of Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds, Live at Radio City Music Hall. In fact I dare you. Even if the music is not your thing, your jaw will drop to the floor.
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