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#379842 - 07/10/12 07:23 AM Re: Exciting News From Axiom! [Re: Amie]
Murph Offline

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Despite other photos lately, your shot with the LFR between the M60 and EP600 is the first time I truly realized how freaking big these things are.

Also, is that your dog's paw in the photo of the rear of the DSP without wires?
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#379850 - 07/10/12 11:15 AM Re: Exciting News From Axiom! [Re: Amie]
dakkon Offline

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When i was looking at the size of the LFR's, i realized that they are actually a bit taller than the EP-600.. I thought putting the LFR in between the M60 and 600 would allow a greater number of people to realize the true size.. For those with M80's Amie's photo will help as well.

Originally Posted By: dakkon

yes it is his paw, his paws are about the size of a grown mans palm... Below is what he was doing for the majority of the time while i was unpacking the new arrivals... He did not share my enthusiasm..

Here are some other photos. The chassie of the DSP is made of 1/8" thick steel, which i think is part of the reason why it is as heavy as it is.. As well as the power transformer.. The transformer is much larger than i was expecting.

#379866 - 07/10/12 07:48 PM Re: Exciting News From Axiom! [Re: Amie]
ClubNeon Offline

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It was nice of someone else to take the cover off of theirs, and send you the pics. wink
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#379869 - 07/11/12 03:35 AM Re: Exciting News From Axiom! [Re: stevej]
dakkon Offline

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I received my other speaker today,I would not say that they sound "better" than my M60's.. But, different, very different. One area that i noticed immediately was that the LFR's blend better with the EP600's than the M60's did. When listening to music with the M60's, it was apparent when the 600's were doing the heavy lifting. With the LFR's that is not the case, which should be expected. My L/R/C are all set to full range (so, they receive 20khz-20hz, i have not changed any settings all), and the 600's crossovers are set to 80hz. Right now each of my LFR's are 13" from the wall and slightly toed in, which increases the angle of deflection of the rear speakers.

Originally Posted By: stevej

I am not really good at putting my opinions in words

I think like Steve, it is hard to convey the experience of listening to the LFR's. .

The closest thing i could compair it to, is akin to attending a concert at a Opera/symphony hall, where there has been intentional design elements implemented to promote the dispersion of sound, by having some of it reflect off of the walls and ceiling prior to arriving at your seat. Others can say whether this would be a somewhat accurate portrayal of what they are experiencing or not. This is my best attempt at conveying my experience today.

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#379888 - 07/11/12 11:27 AM Re: Exciting News From Axiom! [Re: Amie]
stevej Offline
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I think that is a pretty good discription. I also did not notice a huge difference between the LFRs and the M80s when playing music in one of the surround modes. But I really think they open up a lot more in stereo. And the bass is quite impressive.
In surround I don't think that is a knock on the LFRs but just speaks to how good the M60s and M80s are. But I am still playing around with positions and settings to see what works best. Also I am not in a very big room right now (16 x 13), but sometime in the near future I am taking out a wall and will be in a 16 x 23 room. I think that may make a big difference also.

Will try to post more in the next few days, but my time is a little limited for a couple days so won't be able to play much.

#379891 - 07/11/12 02:07 PM Re: Exciting News From Axiom! [Re: Amie]
Gary Vose Sr Online   content

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Don't forget about break in time for your new loud speakers. With the LFR's having more drivers, one being a 6 1/2" woofer, you might want to try lowering the cross over down to 50-60 Htz on the subs. This would allow the loud speakers more time to go solo, before those big honking subs kick in. Transition should still be seamless between the speakers at that point. Will this have a positive responds? I don't know it's just a suggestion. Also play around more with the speaker placement as well. Good luck
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#379896 - 07/11/12 09:36 PM Re: Exciting News From Axiom! [Re: Gary Vose Sr]
JohnK Offline
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Gary, it's safe to forget about break in time after about one minute, and since the LFR1100s have been tested at the factory, the time's up.

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.

#379898 - 07/11/12 10:21 PM Re: Exciting News From Axiom! [Re: Amie]
dakkon Offline

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Posts: 1863
Right now the LFR's are in the same spot that I had the M60's, this was the sweet spot for the M60's. Once i get the outriggers back from powder coat and installed on the towers, then i will see if their sweet spot is different than what the M60's was.

Maybe Andrew or Ian could give us some guidance as to what type of placement they have found sounds the best with the LFR's? My first impression is that using the sweet spots from my M60's seems to sound pretty darn good.

For the time being, i do not want to make changes to any settings. After i get the outriggers installed and the speakers get settled into a more permanent location, then i will get out the SLP meter to see if any levels need to be adjusted, and then at that time i will possibly revisit the cross over settings... Also, i left the boundary compensation is set to on.

What crossover settings ect are others using?

#379899 - 07/11/12 10:39 PM Re: Exciting News From Axiom! [Re: dakkon]
Andrew Offline
Axiom Engineer

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I have found that the LFRs can benefit from being spread a bit further apart than the M80s and then toed in a little more to account for the increased separation. Also, feel free to experiment with the boundary switch. There is really no hard and fast rule to suggest which setting will sound best in a particular room, so go ahead and try both settings.

#379908 - 07/12/12 02:05 AM Re: Exciting News From Axiom! [Re: Andrew]
SBrown Offline

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Thanks Andrew, that is what I wanted to know before I fire up my babes. Looking forward to it.

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