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#49195 - 06/13/04 09:40 PM M22's getting all excited
jasonfleck Offline

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I just wanted to share some excitement here. Tonight I've been dumping more power into my m22's and they change once you do so. It's like they're getting all excited and want to prove to you that they can giddy up. I adjusted the speaker height thus causing me to test (of course). I've had these speakers for about 6 months now along with my SVS and am still blown away by how great these speakers sound. Just wanted to share my excitement with some people that can appreciate what I'm talking about.

#49196 - 06/13/04 10:06 PM Re: M22's getting all excited
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We understand, believe me. Enjoy!

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#49197 - 06/13/04 10:32 PM Re: M22's getting all excited
mwc Offline

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In reply to:

Just wanted to share my excitement with some people that can appreciate what I'm talking about.

I hear ya bro'. There is really no one in my circle of friends that share my enthusiasm for the audio hobby. I also look to this board (and others) for folks that have the "addiction" and can share the joy of home audio. I've even met some in person from this board. Fine folks, btw.

What is the source of the power that you have been dumping into the M22s. Did you get a new amp or something? The M22s really can "giddy up". I love mine.

I just put in an order for some new speakers and I'm as giddy as a school girl...teeheehee!


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#49198 - 06/14/04 01:07 AM Re: M22's getting all excited
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Here Here!

(all the 'excited' posts are making me want to pull the trigger sooner than I have planned grrrr, not a bad thing however )

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#49199 - 06/14/04 09:00 AM Re: M22's getting all excited
bigjohn Offline

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i think we ALL remember the first time we really turned the volume knob up on our axioms. it was a good day. althought i have the M60's, i am sure your thrill was as great as mine. i couldnt then, and still have a hard time in believing the amount of pure, clean volume that can come from these speakers.

i am not a power junkie, put it is good to know the axioms can handle it if i ever decide to go there.


#49200 - 06/14/04 01:53 PM Re: M22's getting all excited
TRG Offline

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It's funny this should come up. I have been auditioning my new system that includes the M22's as my main speakers. I have been set up for about two weeks now. I have mainly been watching movies. Well, my wife and son went shopping this weekend and I found myself in an empty house. So I decided to do a little "Test". I ran the gambit starting with Classical. My choices were John Williams and Wagner. A few of the tracks knocked me back given the sonic properties of classical music. Wagner especially got me going. The horns, strings and bass drum sounded so clear and crisp. Then I moved to Jazz. There were a little less dynamics here. Not nearly as much bass as I would have thought. But the selections I chose were recorded 40+ years ago. That said, Miles Davis and John Coltrane sounded fantastic. I then moved on to Rock. I slipped Tom Petty "Echo" into the CD player and sunk into the couch. There is one particular track that I like "Swingin". I decided to crank it up a bit. BTW I am using a HK AVR-630. I only got to -15db and had to stop. This CD seems to be recorded at a higher level then some. The whole room was rocking pretty good. And to think these speakers can handle 200WPC! I liken the M22 to a fine motorcycle. You can ride two ways. One is to take it easy and shift around 4000 RPM. If you want a little excitement give a little extra twist of the throttle bring it up to 7000 RPM and hang on. So go ahead and crank it up every once in a while. Just don't subject your ears to high volume for sustainded periods or time. You only get two per lifetime.



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