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#49650 - 06/18/04 09:56 AM DVD-A Snookered???
Topshelfpro Offline
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I've been researching DVD-A and SACD Uni players, I went ahead and bought a Keb Mo SACD for my friend who is setup now and a Robert Cray DVD-A for me when I get my uni player.

The other morning I popped the Cray disk in my Panosonic RV-31, and it's not a dedicated DVD-A player, but the DD or the DTS and my Sony STRDA3 sure decoded it and played 5.1 with no problem, and it sounded excellent!!

I guess I don't have a question, but I'm wondering if this DVD-A is just Dolby Digital and DTS, and the only thing industry had to do was make a hybrid disk that will decode?

Presto, you now have a new format DVD-A, so the players are the same just they just put music w/no video.

Oh, DVD-A's are 5 bucks cheaper than SACD, and remember you don't have to run 6 channels, just optical or coax.

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#49651 - 06/18/04 10:21 AM Re: DVD-A Snookered???
bigjohn Offline

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i have not heard a dvd-a yet, but plan on buying the 'eagles, hell freezes over', as soon as possible. i am not sure on how the dvd-a discs are formatted(dts, dd, multi-channel), but i am sure our tech guys can give you some better answers.

BTW- i did get the sacd of 'darkside of the moon' yesterday.. WOW, really nice.. i even had the guy at the record shop wanting to come over and listen to it on my system. just really amazing. i almost had flashbacks of my college days, taking bong hits and watching my roommates play zelda!


#49652 - 06/18/04 10:49 AM Re: DVD-A Snookered???
Ajax Offline

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Most DVD-A disks are "hybrids." They contain more than just the DVD-A information.

"DVD-A offers 1,000 times the resolution of CD and can deliver up to six channels of ultrahigh-resolution sound. But to access those tracks, you need a DVD-Audio player, although almost all DVD-A discs have lower-quality Dolby Digital or DTS tracks that can be played by any DVD player. DVD-Audio sound has great detail and texture, and it's more lifelike than CD. DVD-Audio will be primarily of interest to audiophile-inclined home-theater fans. To enjoy a DVD-A player's full sound potential, you must use a receiver equipped with 5.1-channel analog inputs and good-quality speakers."

So, Just think. when you get your universal player it's gonna sound even better.

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#49653 - 06/18/04 01:47 PM Re: DVD-A Snookered???
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Yes, as someone here explained to me, the DVD Audio played thru analog outputs is decoded (by the DVD player) at higher rates (96kHz/24 bit or higher) with lossless MLP compression. This is not done through digital coaxial or optical to control copying of exact digital copies of this material. The actual "excuse" they use is lack of bandwidth on these digital connections.

#49654 - 06/18/04 09:27 PM Re: DVD-A Snookered???
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TS, as the emphasized part of the material Jack quoted pointed out, DVD-As also have a DD and/or DTS track which can be played on any DVD player, not just those which can play the DVD-A track. What's doubtful is if "lower quality" is an accurate assessment in the real world. Although DVD-A/SACD offers theoretical resolution advantages because of higher sampling rates and/or bits, as the engineer/movie music editor "soundhound" I've previously linked to here explains, the significant differences are multi-channel(where present)and better recording, mixing and mastering, not sampling rates or bits.

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.


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