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#567 - 01/11/02 10:05 PM Re: HEY Ian - Axiom M80Ti vs. Swan Diva 6.1 ?

"Looks like Axiom drudged the bottom barrel to find a few real gems to support their speakers. I mean seriously, come on, you can't tell me that you actually have money to spend on speakers? With absolutely no IQ, how do you make it? You people have ME thinking that the communist gov't may be the way to go."

/me lights the flamethrower

HAHAHA- Gee How Funny. You're the one who needs to post on a real message board. You are just as spineless as the legions of lemmings that rush to the stores to buy " latest and greatest" products to satisfy YOUR lack of IQ, not to mention other shortcomings that push losers like you to buy products based on status and looks alone. Too bad you resorted to personal attacks rather than other means of discussion. See, that was your downfall because you showed just how far down the bottom of the barrel YOU were able to slime your way up. Denigrating others for a differing opinion (NOT a stance on political or moral issue)- what a sucker you are.

You like China, communism, and Diva speakers so much...? Do many of us a favor and go live there so other people can freely give opinions without pinkos like you resorting to lame. feeble attempts at pathetic personal attacks on "anonymous" message board users. Don't like the opinions on the Diva or whatever that were made? Who Gives a $%%^ what you say or think?!.... Your opinion is as meaningless and worthless to me as your sorry comments in your flame. If you don't like to get flamed, don't flame others for no reason.

You can now go back to spamming other "home theater" message boards with bogus reviews for Diva speakers, and don't forget to spam Audioreview if and when they put up the section for the much vaunted "swan divas".



/me puts the flamethrower back

#568 - 01/11/02 10:15 PM Re: HEY Ian - Axiom M80Ti vs. Swan Diva 6.1 ?
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Hardly. I am not sure about what started this about business, but you seemed to have a problem with a purchase you made. You did not get a chance to preview your purchases. The gear you have chosen indicates that you are not quite hifi. Your fued with the other 'poster' seems to have spilled into personal territory. Did you complain to the other company? Did you check out as you so eloquently put it "what ifs" ( -2 marks poor and incomplete grammar) of the other comapny? You mention built in cost to protect, and mention onsite service, tickets and such??????

You learned a lesson, and found a better product. That is the best part of your story. Unfortunately it cost you. That is a lesson I would say you will take with you in your future dealings with any company you buy mail order from.





#569 - 01/11/02 10:33 PM Re: HEY Ian - Axiom M80Ti vs. Swan Diva 6.1 ?

comapny? I think you meant company.

#570 - 01/12/02 12:12 AM Re: HEY Ian - Axiom M80Ti vs. Swan Diva 6.1 ?

This thread needs to be closed. It has nothing to do with Axiom loudspeakers and home theater. If there is a moderator on this board, please lock this thread, as it is a waste of time to read and a waste of space on this bulletin board.

Thank you kindly!

#571 - 01/12/02 02:52 AM Re: HEY Ian - Axiom M80Ti vs. Swan Diva 6.1 ?

Glad you like your speakers, one observation is the very large sensitivity difference between the two. Without very careful level matching the more sensitive speaker will sound better 99 percent of the time. Even side by side you really can not compare a speaker due to placement and room differences. This is why Harman has a 500000 dollar speaker switcher to physically swap speakers fast for their testing. You probably know this but FYI anyone who doesn't

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