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#60702 - 09/13/04 06:11 PM avia disk/ dvd problem?
Kiwi Offline

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Hey guys, Just a quick question about the avia test disk I just received. I own a Denon 3805 receiver. I did the surround test using my combo DVD/VHS player. Its not a flash one ( Made by Polaroid). On the front of the DVD player it says progressive scan, dolby digital dts all that stuff, so im assuming it plays 5.1 no? anyway, back to the story. So I place my dvd in and listen too the voice go around my speakers starting with Left Front, then to Center, Then to right front,so far all is good, but when it's supposed to go to my Right surround speaker the voice comes out of my front right speaker again NOT my right surrond as it should, same with the left surround, voice comes from Left front, Wierd? and frustrating. I know the rears are working, because when I listen to 5 channel stereo they are working fine, I checked everything from connections in the back, to the speaker itself (QS8)I Checked the manual as to where its supposed to be hooked up in the back of the receiver, everything checks out. The funny thing is when I go thru the test tones thru the receiver itself,all the speakers work correctly ? I was wondering though if this is affecting the performance of my rears when watching DVD's. I swear the speakers in the rear aren't where they need to be, to have good effect in the room I'm in.I have to turn them WAY up to hear them satisfactory. Any one with a dennon 3805 or similar, who might be able to help me would be appreciated. LOL, I just re read my message, if anyone can understand me congrats! I think i'd actually be confused if it wasn't me posting this. LOL

#60703 - 09/14/04 06:58 PM Re: avia disk/ dvd problem?
SirQuack Offline
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Well I don't really have an answer for you yet, I have a new 2805 but don't have it hooked up yet as my Axioms won't arrive until Friday. I'm sure there are some 3805 owners out there that have used Avia. I wonder if you have the rear hookups set for 2nd room? I know in my owners manual it says the rear surrounds can be used for 7.1, or used for a 2nd room and then the rest are used for 5.1. Doesn't the 3805 have Auto Setup and EQ like the 2805? It should detect if there is any problems with polarity or hookup issues...

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#60704 - 09/17/04 10:08 PM Re: avia disk/ dvd problem?
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Go into the menu of the DVD player and double check if you have told it that you are using rear speakers. Total shot in the dark as it shouldn't matter but it can't hurt to look.

#60705 - 09/19/04 12:55 AM Re: avia disk/ dvd problem?
real80sman Offline

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Kiwi, when you are doing the test, what mode does readout on the 3805 say it is in? It should say DOLBY DIGITAL.

When you say that you checked the connections, I assume that you are using a SINGLE cable out from the player. (Labeled digital out, or something to that effect) If you are only using the left & right audio out, you are NOT sending a digital signal to your 3805, and the test disc won't work properly.

Now to throw another wrench into the mix, since you are using a combo DVD / VCR, you will probably need BOTH the digital out AND the analog left/right out hooked up. You must tell the 3805 (through setup menus) that when you select the DVD input, that it only recognizes the digital input, NOT the analog.

Hopefully this helps more than confuses - it is late and I am tired.

P.S. - Connect the analog "L/R out" to the "VCR in" on the Denon - NOT "DVD in".

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