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#71665 - 12/13/04 06:45 PM Re: Huh?
bridgman Offline

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Don't know, but a google search turned up this site. They must make great speakers, the audio sounded first rate even on my PC speakers
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#71666 - 12/14/04 12:41 AM Re: Huh?
sonicfox Offline

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LOL! That reminds me of the time when I posted awhile ago about the Bose Wave radio informercial I saw. Their demonstration was pretty impressive! It sounded exactly like Herbie Hancock playing live from my 19" tv speakers! Like I mentioned before, anyone who wishes to audition a pair of Axiom M60's, I'm willing to send you a recording of them!
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#71667 - 12/16/04 09:27 AM Re: Huh?
Michael_A Offline

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In reply to:

I had Macro and Micro Economics in college, but I must have slept through the Macro Dynamics class, or been at the bars, as I don't recall that course.

Hehe. You were taking the silly thing, and didn't even realize it.

Macro Economics - The study of the "big picture" - getting up, going to work (or school), using paycheck to party.

Micro Economics - The study of the "little details" like international trade, monetary policy, banking, etc. that allows the macro thingy to work. - the stock market WAS after all, invented by a bunch of guys that just wanted a bigger paycheck to party with.
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#71668 - 12/16/04 01:28 PM Re: Huh?
SirQuack Offline
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funny thing is, I work as an IT System Administrator for one of the largest Insurance/Financial/Investment companies in the World , not in a business capacity, ha always works out that way. Daddy was wrong when he said "Son, now I want you to go to college and study business, that way you can do about anything" Well I did get my BA in Business, but partied most of the time on the 5-yr program...he he Seems so long ago, heck my High School 20th reunion is coming up next year, I am getting old. Hope Jack is not copying this

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#71669 - 12/19/04 03:02 PM Re: Huh?
slownlo Offline

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I think the only person I managed to "gratuitously" insult was you... and whats even sillier than my use of the word "discerning" is your "chip" that requires you scour these posts as the self appointed message board police, obviously attacking anyone who doesn't praise Axioms as you see fit. Seek therapy may help.

#71670 - 12/19/04 03:03 PM Re: Huh?
slownlo Offline

Registered: 09/14/03
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Loc: San francisco, CA
And I would rather worry about macro-dynamics(and be Gruven) than how loud it can get....whats the point? )

#71671 - 12/19/04 03:19 PM Re: Huh?
slownlo Offline

Registered: 09/14/03
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Loc: San francisco, CA
Obviously a man who can think for himself (The staus quo is typical). I bought the M80's and I was very disapointed thats all. These folks that get insulted by the experiences of others are truly a lesson in psychology... why would I be insulted if someone said Theils don't quite do it for me? So what? JohnK can crap in a cup and drink it for all I care...I think he likes to hear himself talk just as much as the next person. It kinda gives me an idea of what would happen to a minority that moves into his neighborhood. Geez, what a xenophobe...

#71672 - 12/19/04 03:41 PM Re: Huh?
Ken.C Offline
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So nice to have you visit. Good bye.
I am the Doctor, and THIS... is my SPOON!

#71673 - 12/19/04 03:41 PM Re: Huh?
Ajax Offline

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We don't get insulted by by the experience of others. We get insulted when we are referred to as "undiscerning listeners." Nobody cares if you were dissatisfied with the Axioms. We just don't like it implied that we are foolish if we are. Seems relatively reasonable to me.

That you are just here to insult us is corroborated by the thread you started more than a year ago where you stated "The Axioms are nice, but anyone with a trained ear can hear the difference." So, you seem willing to dish it out but turn to whimpering, and MORE insulting, when you reap what you sew.

A xenophobe is one who is afraid of the foreign, or strange. While I'll admit you're strange, trust me, no one is afraid of you.

Now, prove me wrong by composing a reasonable retort without insulting anybody.

"People generally quarrel because they cannot argue." - G. K. Chesterton

#71674 - 12/19/04 05:52 PM Re: Huh?
MarkSJohnson Offline
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Slownlo, if you really don't see how your original post in this thread would be insulting than you don't have the capability at looking at anyone beyond your own shoes. Your original post is so "wrong" in so many ways, I chose to simply ignore it rather than respond. I'm all for intellectual, stimulating, civil disagreements with others, but your post was, to me, just a trolling opportunity to pi** people off.

You say that there are better values out there in used speakers. That's apples and oranges. Comparing a speaker designed at an $800/pair price point with one that was maybe designed with a $4k/pair price point is pointless. Hey, let's twist it around and say that a used pair of Axioms are better than a new pair of Radio Shack speakers. Well, duh. What's the point?

When you say that you bought Axioms and found that they were only OK for the "undiscerning listener" you are insulting everyone who likes their Axioms. What a snot! Maybe you do have ears that are more "golden" than others, who can tell and who cares? Maybe you don't, and it's just a matter of preference. Maybe you hear a difference with $1k speaker wires that others don't hear. Good for you! As a professional in video production and one who works in the field daily, it's likely that I see artifacting in an image that by far the majority of people will never see, but you know what? I don't imply that they are "undiscerning viewers" or berate them for not seeing what I see. And I don't call them foolish for spending $129 on a 13" monitor instead of $1400. To each his or her own.

There's nothing wrong with your having tastes that might be more refined (in your opinion) than others here. If someone had posted a question "How will Axioms compare to Thiels", I'd value your opinion like anyone else's. But to start a topic to simply announce that Axioms don't meet your standards and that we're all somehow a little less refined than you because we DO like our speakers smacks of just being an ass.

Sorry, Jack. I stooped to his level. I don't do "flame wars", I have better things to do than to feed other's fires with a BBS give and take. But hey, he's insulted myself and all the members of my new family, and I had to post ONE response in case he really doesn't "get it" and this causes him to rethink what he posted. Not likely, but I feel better!

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