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#85770 - 03/20/05 08:56 PM Re: Sorry....not impressed
BrenR Offline

Registered: 12/10/03
Posts: 3602
Loc: Winnipeg MB Canada
In reply to:

The movie was Contact, with Jodie Foster.

I'd shoot a president for her...

Biscuit for the first one to catch the reference. *G*

Bren R.

#85771 - 03/20/05 10:34 PM Re: Sorry....not impressed
BigWill Offline

Registered: 05/01/03
Posts: 1951
Loc: Corona, Calif. USA!!!
You're refering to the nut-job that shot our late beloved President Ronald Reagan?
Or is it a movie quote we're supposed to identify?
You ask hard questions. Here's one for you: What color panties is my wife wearing right now?

#85772 - 03/20/05 10:43 PM Re: Sorry....not impressed
NeverHappy Offline

Registered: 12/12/03
Posts: 1424
Loc: Western Canada
In reply to:

What color panties is my wife wearing right now

Jeeeeez, I hope it's not the pink ones again! I really like the......................ah.....................nevermind!

#85773 - 03/21/05 06:09 AM Re: Sorry....not impressed
Tharkun Offline

Registered: 01/05/05
Posts: 1039
Loc: Tracy, California
Nah, the thing with Jimmy has not upset be all that much, I have just posted my thoughs, and I have seen him checking the posts on this thread, so I know he is reading and just not replying.

And after people read Peter & Kens post about their visit, and thier opinions of the system, it will void out anything that Jimmy commented on. I'm sure and I wil have many more people listen and post a response, and doubt if any will be totally negative like this first tone.

#85774 - 03/21/05 09:58 AM Re: Sorry....not impressed
bridgman Offline

Registered: 08/25/04
Posts: 5590
Loc: Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada
Don't get your hopes up. They're probably poring through the thesaurus right now looking for "another word for boomy and over-powered"...


Edited by bridgman (03/21/05 10:04 AM)

#85775 - 03/21/05 11:28 AM Re: Sorry....not impressed
DL30 Offline

Registered: 05/31/02
Posts: 102
Loc: San Carlos, IL
"You talkin to me?"

Travis Bickle

Taxi Driver

#85776 - 03/21/05 02:11 PM Re: Sorry....not impressed
BrenR Offline

Registered: 12/10/03
Posts: 3602
Loc: Winnipeg MB Canada
Yes, Will... I'm talking about John Hickley Jr. - who shot Reagan and Brady to get Jodi Foster's attention. Every time I see Jody Foster onscreen, I'll let that joke go to see who's up on their 24 year old current events.

Like mentioning to a group that a girl obviously unskilled in walking in heels looks like an AT-AT walker... the geeks will laugh at the Star Wars reference, the uber-geeks will correct you that the two-legged ones are AT-ST walkers.

Helps sort out what kind of people you know.

Bren R.

#85777 - 03/21/05 02:52 PM Re: Sorry....not impressed
pmbuko Offline
shareholder in the making

Registered: 04/02/03
Posts: 16418
Loc: Leesburg, Virginia
If I ever meet you in person, I'll be sure to choose my words carefully.
I can explain it to you but I can't understand it for you.

#85778 - 12/30/05 01:55 PM Re: Sorry....not impressed
bridgman Offline

Registered: 08/25/04
Posts: 5590
Loc: Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada
>>I'm going out this afternoon to try out a gas-electric hybrid, knowing full well I want a big ol' SUV with 40" tires... then go onto the Prius forums and complain about cargo space and ground clearance.

I stumbled across this thread (the original "Jimmy slags Dennis' system" post) while searching for the "Three Dump Chili" recipe (which I found in another thread).

I had to chuckle -- I was just thinking yesterday that if I had the $$ I would take a Ford Excursion to one of those custom shops and have a hybrid drivetrain installed, something that would let me drive slowly around the city on just electric and regenerative braking, and auto-start a big diesel when needed for towing and highway cruising

#85779 - 12/31/05 01:02 AM Re: Sorry....not impressed
aabouganem Offline
old hand

Registered: 12/27/04
Posts: 81
Loc: Houston, Texas, USA
Interesting thread I must say.

it pops a question from my side:

I want to offer my system for auditions because I do appreciate the Axiom quality sound, its money value, and its customer service (apparently I will move shortly anyway, because of work, doesnt know yet where), but I have been thinking on how well I have set up in order to impress the audiotionees instead of showing them a "bad system" (by bad I mean wrongly setup).

I have read this forum for over a year (I joined in Dec 2004, but I got my first Axioms about June 2004 if I remember well), and I have learned a lot. I am also a "just a reader" member of other forums (this is the only one I have posted more than 5 times). I have not been at home for a month (vacations). So as soon as I go back, I need to setup again the system (it is disconnected because I send the preamp for upgrade and the ICBM for repair), and possibly I am getting the SMS-1 and a second EP500 before end of february.

my point is, after following this thread, that I am not sure of how good I can show the system, and avoid jackasses to make such comments and make anonymous readers to dislike the Axioms. I understand that the Axiom sound is not for everyone (took myself a while to understand that the M22 were not sibilant, but some of my records were, for example).

So, to conclude, if any member of this forum, at anytime go as far as Mcallen, Texas, if you can spare the time to listen to my system before I offer it for audition, so I can make sure that I have done everything I have learn from this and other forums, papers and troubleshooting, its been done as much it can be done in the room where its located, and show the real capabilities of the Axioms.

One of the things that make me want to audition, is the amount of bad systems I have seen in my friends houses (by bad I mean bad like Bose Acoustimass... and wrongly setup). I have compared 4 B&G Radia X3 hybrids that I did take them home and A/B check them againt the M80's to show my friend what I was trying to describe of the sound. I like the hybrid ribbon tweeter though!! but the mids were not as clear as the M80´s. That was my first experience auditioning/comparing speakers. And since that day, I have show off my Axioms trying to convert people that is investing the budget of an Axiom systems in other speakers from Ebay.

Happy New Year for everyone.

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