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#90985 - 04/20/05 01:07 AM Re: SVS Sub comparisons to EP500
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Agreed. I don't think any of the subs mentioned in this thread are innately "boomy". I think any of them can be made to sound boomy by poor placement and poor calibration / level setting, though.
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#90986 - 04/20/05 01:36 PM Re: SVS Sub comparisons to EP500
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Yep...I've heard two different SVS subs, and three different Hsu subs, and none of them are "boomy". They certainly sound different from eachother, but "boomy" doesn't come to mind at all.

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#90987 - 04/20/05 07:49 PM Re: SVS Sub comparisons to EP500
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Hey all!

First off, let it be said...I LOVE my M80s, VP-150 and QS-8s. Second, let it be known...I have NEVER heard an Axiom sub, but I have heard MANY other subs (and most were pretty good ones!)

I own the dreaded SVS 16-46 PCi. It is not overkill. I have had it in several different rooms in my house...big and small, open and closed. I EQ using a BFD. I have been able to get a flat room response within +-1 db in every room I have put it in. (takes quite an effort and a lot of math!) I do NOT run hot. My sub is adjusted to output the same as my other speakers...a flat response sounds a little lifeless at first, but after a bit I concluded that lack of overpowering bass energy alows for a clearer overall music experience.

My SVS is now in a small (11'-4" X 16'-0" X 7'-0") sealed room. It is turned WAAAY down to output only as much as the rest of the system. The sub plays very clean, flat, and loud without a hint of strain. With many music recordings, it is either boomy or nonexistent. This is due to the recording EQ done at mastering, not the sub. On good recordings, the bass is natural and well balanced. On well recorded movies, the sub quietly sits back and produces faint bass notes as required until called upon to unleash its beastly fury.

Yup, my 16-46 PCi looks like a black hot water heater covered in felt. It sits unobtrusively in a dark corner of the room and produces sounds that cause EVERY newcomer to our theater to gasp and smile, then ask what the heck is creating the sound.

It IS that good. I would buy the same PCi again. The PC+ might be overkill in a room my size, but the PCi, at the $599 price I bought it for a few years ago, is an absolute steal.

On a final note, I also love the Hsu subs, but I honestly think that the SVS subs, at the same price point, are a better value. Just my $0.0175.


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#90988 - 04/21/05 08:06 PM Re: SVS Sub comparisons to EP500
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VOICE COILS & DRIVERS:: If anyone can clarify the differences in these, I would appreciate it. Can a 2" voice coil actually exceed a 3" voice coil capacity, and what is a dual 3" voice coil?

EP500/600: 3" dual voice coil
SVS PCI : 2 to 2.5" voice coil
SVS Plus : 2" voice coil that exceeds electromotive capacity of typical 3" voice coils
SVS Ultra: 3" aluminum voice coil

Between the EP500/600 they both get as low as 16 or 18HZ. The SVS tubes have the option of going down lower to 20/16/12 HZ through the use of plugs. They say you lose top end to go down low. Now, where do the Axiums stand in regards to low and top end. Do the Axiums get both without giving anything up?

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#90989 - 04/21/05 11:20 PM Re: SVS Sub comparisons to EP500
BeethovenRocks Offline

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My 20-39 has made me very happy - I didn't have a need to keep hunting for anything else! I haven't heard any Hsu, (or the Axioms for that matter) but even the SVS guys will tell you you can't go wrong there either.

The SVS is tuned to, for instance, 20hz in the case of the 20-39. It has three ports. By plugging one port, the tuning drops to 16hz, and by plugging two, down to 12.

(The 16-46 is already tuned to 16, with no plugs.)

The result is, necessarily, a drop in output across the board, something like 3db with each plug.

Having said that - my 20-39PC+ has no plugs in it, and can be felt shaking my floor down to 10hz (this is using a demo disc with tracks starting at 6hz). I can't really "hear" it til 14 or 16. And the subsonic filter prevents it from really thumping until you reach the tuning point.

#90990 - 04/21/05 11:41 PM Re: SVS Sub comparisons to EP500
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This one goes to eleven.
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#90991 - 04/23/05 08:35 AM Re: SVS Sub comparisons to EP500
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Don't take my word for it but through some of my latest correspondence with Axium;

Axium is now offering:::

"5 YEAR" "PARTS & LABOUR" on their subs.

From my research that has not been matched anywhere. This to me expresses their confidence in their product to perform as stated. With their new technological advances, it will not allow you to mistakingly take the sub beyond its capabilities. For guys like me, that is a great design feature.

I was having a tough time deciding what sub to buy as many great sub manufacturers were thrown out there, but I came down to the SVS and the Axium. The others like HSU don't have any larger then 350 watt and I have a 4000 cu/ft area to fill so wanted to make sure the sub could do that without taking it to the limits. The SVS had a better warranty, 2 year, so I was leaning that way as the prices were comparable. This is due to shipping charges as SVS does not include shipping charges in their price.

Now, in my opinion, I was wobbling back and forth between these 2. I was driving my wife crazy with the amount of time I was researching this new HT system. I didn't want to make my decision without fully uncovering every rock out there.

When Axium came out with the "5 YEAR PARTS & LABOUR", I stopped wobbling and fell completely over, bruises and all. It made my decision a no brainer. They built a product that they are confident enough in, to back it up with one of the best, if not the best warranties out there. This warranty matches the one they have on the rest of their line, and we know how we feel about them. "Twice the speaker with half the price".

Now don't just take my word on it, check it out yourself. I am sure the website will be updated shortly.

All I can say now is, I can't wait for the EP600 to show up at the doorstep. The wife might not say it on the forum but, she thanks those fine folks at Axium for helping me make my decision. Home theatre heaven!

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#90992 - 04/23/05 09:26 AM Re: SVS Sub comparisons to EP500
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I must thank Ajax for correcting my ongoing spelling error in this thread. I have been spelling the companies name wrong throughout. Axiom, I got it now. Thanks Ajax. My apologies if anyone took offence. I was paying more attention the the numbers then the letters!

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#90993 - 04/23/05 04:11 PM Re: SVS Sub comparisons to EP500
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Awesome. I'm envious.

#90994 - 04/23/05 09:00 PM Re: SVS Sub comparisons to EP500
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>>All I can say now is, I can't wait for the EP600 to show up at the doorstep.

Cool. A sub like that with a 5 year warranty is hard to beat. Congratulations !!
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