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#93329 - 05/05/05 03:04 PM Re: Would I, Could I, Should I ... upgrade?
BrenR Offline

Registered: 12/10/03
Posts: 3602
Loc: Winnipeg MB Canada
In reply to:

Man, I wish I could rationalize/afford the high gloss finish. Anyone have it? I bet the walnut's gorgeous.

Walnut? The HG finishes come in White, Birdseye Maple, Sand Ripple (which is beautiful!!), Light Cherry (also very nice!), Dark Cherry, Blue Ripple, Rosewood and Black.

Bren R.

#93330 - 05/05/05 03:16 PM Re: Would I, Could I, Should I ... upgrade?
Ken.C Offline
shareholder in the making

Registered: 05/03/03
Posts: 18029
Loc: NoVA
I could have sworn there was a walnut at one point. It was a dark grey swatch....

Fine then, dark cherry. I refuse to think about rosewood, because that's what every other speaker manufacturer is doing.
I am the Doctor, and THIS... is my SPOON!

#93331 - 05/05/05 04:15 PM Re: Would I, Could I, Should I ... upgrade?
bigwill2 Offline

Registered: 03/25/05
Posts: 586
I'd vote for maple or sand ripple.

#93332 - 05/05/05 11:04 PM Re: Would I, Could I, Should I ... upgrade?
F107plus5 Offline

Registered: 01/24/05
Posts: 2034
Loc: Fla. Orig. Mich.
I had no vote; black it was and black it is. Hide 'em, she said, and hide 'em we did(yeah right, hide M50s!?)

We got our center channel, inverted M3, in black cause she thought it looked better with our old 31" TV(it did)than our Boston Cherry M3 mains.

So when it became time to pick the speaker color for our dark grey 65" Mits....

#93333 - 05/06/05 08:33 AM Re: Would I, Could I, Should I ... upgrade?
ratpack Offline

Registered: 04/30/05
Posts: 1155
Loc: Alabama

Before you finalize your decision, I think that you should ask yourself a non-technical question or two. Do you really want the top of the line, flagship, M80 speakers? How likely are you to ask yourself, months down the line, why didn't you get the M80s when you had a chance?

You may not hear a note of difference between the ones that you currently have and the M80s, but you may appreciate the difference just knowing that you have the "best."

I'm not advocating "snob" appeal or product status, but how many times have we made decisions based largely on price or utility, and then regretted the decision later because we really wanted the better unit?

Just one man's opinion and something to think about.

The Rat.
The Rat. M80s, VP-150, QS8s, SVS PC 20-39+, OPPO, Onkyo 703s, Harmony 880 Sony 60" SXRD HDTV

#93334 - 05/06/05 08:57 AM Re: Would I, Could I, Should I ... upgrade?
bridgman Offline

Registered: 08/25/04
Posts: 5590
Loc: Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada
For that room, that system, and that mix of movie/HT, I don't think you're going to get a lot of benefit from any upgrade. If you were going to upgrade anything and actually notice a difference going from EP500 to EP600 would probably make the most difference but (a) the difference would be quite small, (b) WAF on an EP600 is probably not high, (c) you can bank WAF for the future by spending the upgrade $$ on something your wife would really like...

If you are still looking for excuses to upgrade, the best line of reasoning I have found is the "We're probably going to move into a larger house in the future" ploy.

#93335 - 05/06/05 12:37 PM Re: Would I, Could I, Should I ... upgrade?
michael_d Offline

Registered: 07/23/04
Posts: 4114
Loc: Up yonder
I haven’t heard the 60’s, so I don’t know for certain if they sound like the 80’s or not. But from what Axiom told me when I was looking to buy, they sound the same, but the 80’s will play louder. They may reach down a little further, but who cares? You have a sub for that.

I’m a single guy with a big house. I throw lots of parties, raise hell, piss off the neighbors that don’t join the festivities, jump snowmachines and dirt bikes in the back yard, have football games in the street, and all this is done with music playing. I have not ever, not once cranked these suckers up to maximum volume. Not even when all the doors and windows are open and we’re outside acting like juvenile delinquents. I don’t know how loud they’ll play…..There’s no way in hell that you or any other sane person could play the 80’s in a home environment at their full capacity. So that being said, I wouldn’t waste your money. Take that extra cash and buy your honey something nice and unexpected. Hell, buy her a day of pampering at a day spa. You’ll get much more enjoyment out of that gift than upgrading your speakers. Guaranteed…….


#93336 - 05/06/05 01:33 PM Re: Would I, Could I, Should I ... upgrade?
bigjohn Offline

Registered: 01/21/04
Posts: 3016
Loc: San Angelo, TX
nice post drew!! well said


#93337 - 05/06/05 02:44 PM Re: Would I, Could I, Should I ... upgrade?
AshBoomstick Offline

Registered: 12/01/04
Posts: 540
Loc: Richmond, VA
agreed, and can we come over to your place to play?
Who's the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?

#93338 - 05/06/05 02:58 PM Re: Would I, Could I, Should I ... upgrade?
bigjohn Offline

Registered: 01/21/04
Posts: 3016
Loc: San Angelo, TX
In reply to:

can we come over to your place to play

right on!!

i think we would need a dog-sled team, and several pairs of thermal underwear to make it up there..

i got some steel toe, water proof red-wings, but they arent real comfortable for playing football in..


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